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Benelli Vinci 12Ga 28 Black W/ComforTech Stock 3 Chamber

Benelli Vinci 12Ga 28 Black W/ComforTech Stock 3 Chamber

Benelli Vinci 12Ga 28 Black W/ComforTech Stock 3 Chamber

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Vinci Shotgun 12-Gauge 28" Barrel, Black Synthetic ComforTech® Plus Stock 2-3/4" and 3" Chamber

The 3-inch, 12-gauge Vinci shotgun beats all other semi-automatic shotguns with its reliability and lightning-fast performance. Its innovative design raises the standard for firearms technology.


The Vinci shotgun embodies a different way of looking at firearm design.

The new Benelli Vinci marks a revolution in hunting shotguns. Benelli presents the fastest-shooting, softest-kicking, most reliable lightweight 12-gauge shotgun in the world. The innovative design of this semi auto shotgun raises the standard in firearms technology. Driven by a passion for efficiency and simplicity, Benelli engineers have advanced the cutting edge. The superbly balanced Vinci embodies a new way of looking at shotgun design. The revolutionary new In-Line Inertia Driven® operating system, with superior reliability and lightning fast speed, is the simplest semi-auto shotgun operating system ever devised.

Advanced ergonomics assure fluid gun movement. Combine that with the ComforTech® Plus recoil reduction system, and Benelli puts in your hands the world’s softest-kicking shotgun. In recent lab tests, the competition had up to 72-percent more felt recoil than the Vinci. And, its modular design makes Vinci the easiest shotgun on the planet to assemble and disassemble. No wonder it’s named for Leonardo da Vinci, the great Italian Renaissance inventor, artist, and thinker who shattered the technological boundaries of his world. Let the revolution begin.



Barrel/Receiver Module

The Barrel/Receiver Module houses the In-Line Inertia Driven® action completely within the Vinci’s 8.5-inch upper receiver. The entire operating system, including the short bolt and return spring, functions on the same axis as the bore. The Vinci design provides the balance and swing of a fine over-and-under shotgun by keeping the weight at the center of the gun where it is supposed to be—between the shooter’s hands.

QuadraFit Shim Kit

A standard shim kit for drop and cast adjustment is included as part of the Vinci QuadraFit™ customizing system.

Crio Chokes

Crio® Chokes

Crio® Chokes C, IC, M, IM, F and wrench with integral thread cleaner.

ComforTech® Plus Recoil Pad

These ergonomically designed recoil pads are shaped to conform to the contours of the shoulder for maximum contact, spreading the recoil over a larger area. Available in right- or left-hand versions, and in three optional thicknesses to customize length of pull to 137/8", 143/8" or 147/8"

ComforTech® Plus Recoil Pad

ComforTech® Plus Gel Pads, standard equipment

ComforTech® Plus Gel Recoil Pad and Comb Insert

The ComforTech® Plus system’s ergonomically designed butt pads absorb recoil and are available in right- or left-hand versions. Three optional thicknesses adjust the length of pull to 13-7/8", 14-3/8" (standard), 14-7/8".

ComforTech® Plus

ComforTech® Plus System

The innovative ComforTech® Plus System is a complete recoil reduction system made up of three components. Combined, they make Vinci the world’s lightest and softest-kicking shotgun. This revolutionary feature offers a consistent level of recoil reduction efficiency throughout the complete range of loads, from light dove loads to heavy turkey magnums. In recent lab tests, the competition had 72-percent more felt recoil than the Vinci.


Hard Case

Fitted Gun Case

A shotgun as special as the Vinci deserves a case that’s equally innovative in design, form and function. Custom-shaped compartments house and protect modular components for storage and transportation. The Barrel/Receiver Module locks securely in place in the upper section. The bottom section compartments contain the Trigger Group/Forearm Module, QuadraFit™ Buttstock Module, Crio® Choke Tubes, choke wrench, shim case and oil bottle.

Vinci Sights


The Vinci comes standard with a lightweight, ventilated stepped rib with mid-bead and red bar front sights. All guns are drilled and tapped to accommodate a Weaver 93A-style scope base.


V-Grip Button Cap

Magazine Cap

The Vinci magazine cap twists to lock the Trigger Group/Forearm Module to the Barrel/Receiver Module. An integral front sling attachment is molded directly into the magazine cap.

Magazine Tube

Removable Magazine Tube

You can quickly load rounds into the self-contained magazine tube through the newly designed beveled magazine loading port. The magazine tube assembly can be easily installed in or removed from the Trigger Group/Forearm Module with the push of a button.

Standard Features

  • Flush Crio® Chokes & Wrench

  • Beveled Magazine Loading Port

  • Bolt-Lock Lever

  • Dual-Purpose Release Lever

  • Drilled and Tapped Receiver for Weaver 93-A Base

  • Rotating Bolt Head

  • Ergonomic Trigger Guard and Safety

  • Removable Trigger Assembly

  • Shim Kit

    Shim Kit
  • Standard Hard Gun Case

  • Mid-Bead and Red Bar Front Sight

  • Grooved Grip Surface

  • Modular Stock System

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