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AyA Model #2, Round Action, SxS, 20g, 28", IC/Mod

AyA Model #2, Round Action, SxS, 20g, 28", IC/Mod

AyA Model #2, Round Action, SxS, 20g, 28", IC/Mod

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The AYA Nº 2 round Action is the pre-eminent "affordable" sidelock double gun, and the most famous model in the AYA line. Since its introduction in the late 1950s, tens of thousands of Nº 2's have been sold in the United Kingdom, the United States, and everywhere that shooters value the superb balance and handling of a fine double gun.

Mechanically, the Nº 2 is identical to the Nº 1. Like the Nº 1, it was originally modeled on the time-tested Holland & Holland system.

It is stocked with standard walnut and engraved in a simpler pattern.

Rounded actions

Traditional sidelock guns are made with either a standard action or a rounded action. In the former, there is a raised ridge surrounding the lock plate, as well as a drop-point carved into the wood behind the lock to give it a finished look. The underside of the frame is squared, with a carved bead to soften the square edges of the metal. The Purdey is an example of such a traditional action.

In a rounded action, these features are eliminated. The underside of the frame is flush with the wood. There are no drop points, and no squared edges in either wood or metal. Thomas Boss of London is famous for its rounded-action game guns.

Specifications of this item:
Model Nº 2 Round Action
20g, 28" barrel length, Concave Game Rib
Choked: Imp Cyl/ Modified
Action Finish: Color Hardened
Stock: Standard Wood, LOP 14 7/8", Drop 1 7/16", Cast Off ¼"

Item shown is not exact, but is a general image. We invite your inquiry for an image of the actual gun you will purchase.

General Specs:
Side-by-side hammerless sidelock ejector shotgun.
Forged steel action with double underlugs. .
Fitted with gas vents. .
Hardened steel intercepting safety sears. .
Gold lined cocking indicators. .
Double triggers with hinged front trigger. .
Chopper lump barrels. .
Concave rib. .
English scroll engraving. .
Straight hand, oil finished walnut stock. .
White metal oval for initials. .
Automatic safety. .
12, 26, 20, 28 & .410 bore. .
28" barrels standard on 12, 16, and 20, 27" barrels standard on 28 and 410 - other barrel lengths to order. .
Available with colour hardened, old silver or bright finish to action. Approximate weight 6.8 lbs. (12 bore)

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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