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AWC Thor .338 Lapua Titanium Suppressor, Tan Finish, SAKO Thread

AWC Thor .338 Lapua Titanium Suppressor, Tan Finish, SAKO Thread

AWC Thor .338 Lapua Titanium Suppressor, Tan Finish, SAKO Thread

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THOR Ti - Centerfire, 338 Lapua, Tan Finish, SAKO TRG 42 Threads


When one gets to the .30s and larger, the suppression business becomes as much of an art as a science.  Now in its 6thgeneration, the AWC Thundertrap is, perhaps, the most copied suppressor in the world. Well, let them try to copy this.

We start with a billet of solid Titanium that sits for three full hours in the most advanced milling machines in the industry, then a stack of fully machined titanium baffles is deep penetration welded into the strongest armature in the world. That armature is again fully welded into the Titanium envelope, sealing in perfect alignment the surface areas required to support T.H.O.R., our “Thermal High Order Radiant” cooling system. You are looking at the strongest, quietest, most accurate bore alignment and one of the lightest .30 through .408 suppressors made. No threads, no glues, no crimps, no spots welds, no cheap coatings, no mono-cores, just solid execution of a product that we started 30 years ago and never stopped improving. Want the best possible? You are looking at it.


No suppressor is a worth while investment unless it is accurate. The AWC T.H.O.R. Ti was built from the ground up to maintain the highest internal dimensional structural precision possible, providing world class suppression for world class precision platforms. In fact, when some of the most accurate military platforms in the world select a suppressor to go into trials, they go with AWC’s T.H.O.R. Ti. 100% titanium, 360 degree solid welded, 100% machined baffle facings, Poly Ceramic coated and in service for 30 years. A “once and your done” purchase and the flagship of our efforts, the AWC T.H.O.R. Ti sets the highest possible standard and gives everybody else something to aspire to. All Hammer, no Thunder. Made in America by Americans.


This Item Is No Longer Available.
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