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AWC Amphibian S Ruger MKII .22

AWC Amphibian S Ruger MKII .22

AWC Amphibian S Ruger MKII .22

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Originally developed for Amphibious Special Warfare Operations, the Amphibian S has undergone 13 variations over 29 years making it the most advanced and sought after integrated .22 cal. suppressor system in the world.  From salt ocean water to dry land - dependable operation is guaranteed.   The Amphibian S was developed to meet performance requirements in 3 specific areas: reduced weight, improved accuracy and extended service life.  If you are already one of the thousands of users who are familiar with our previous Amphibian series pistols you will be pleasantly surprised how the Amphibian S lays in the hand.  The weight reduction is remarkable and is achieved through a new baffle design that utilizes a Titanium & 303 stainless steel primary baffle system with 6061T6 secondary chambers.  Improved accuracy is primarily achieved with this new integral design, and is also more responsive to simple user maintenance.  Due to the radical aerodynamic function of this unit the sound reduction performance of the Amphibian S is simply remarkable. Often imitated, never equaled, the Amphibian S stands alone.

The AWC Amphibian S will never become obsolete, whether through use, abuse or improvement in design, AWC maintains a factory program specifically to carry this firearm forward.  Both simple and cost effective,  AWC will upgrade or modify any existing Amphibian, customer supplied Ruger, or Ruger/Volquartsen pistol to our best standard of excellence.  Each pistol is detailed stripped and "blue printed" for reliability with standard target and high velocity cartridges. 

Survival of the fittest, one of Nature's most basic laws, finds true manifestation in the AWC Amphibian S.  Shooting 40gr High Velocity the AWC Amphibian S is deadly accurate and is less noisy than a CO2 pellet pistol.  This pistol is a survivor!

OA Length           7.0 in
Diameter           1.0 in
Weight           41 oz
Construction Materials           304 Stainless Steel; 6061T-6
Standard Finish           Matte Stailess Navy Spec/ Polished Stainless
Optional Upgrade Finish           Matte Black / Charcoal Black / Nato Green

Comparative Sound Level: The weapon firing 40 gr. High Velocity ammo is quieter than the bullet impacting a telephone directory!

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