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AWC Agenda Six 9MM HK 3 Lug

AWC Agenda Six 9MM HK 3 Lug

MANUFACTURER NO: AgendaSixThreadMount
AWC Agenda Six 9MM HK 3 Lug

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The Agenda Six adds significant reductions to muzzle blast, flash signature, and noise reduction. Can be mounted on any sub machine gun with the following thread patterns: HK MP5 "Navy" PDW 1/2X32 TPI (pictured) .

The AgENDA SIX™ represents a breakthrough in
suppressor technology for submachine guns in .380,
9mm, .40cal, 10mm & 45acp. The newly redesigned
Agenda Six offers significant changes to the previ-
ous version of the Agenda Six™, resulting in a lighter,
smaller diameter silencer. by design the Agenda Six
suppressor enhances the efficiency, accuracy and
function of the weapon on which it is mounted. This
silencer effects a significant reduction in muzzle blast
and flash signature in a shorter package.
The Agenda Six is available with a coupler assembly for
mounting directly to the standard MP5 3 Lug variant.
Users can specify mounts for the MP5N and “NAVy”
PDW variant with 1/2 x 32 TPI muzzle threads, the Colt
9mm SMg with 1/2 x 36 threads, Mac 11 .380, Kriss
.45acp SMg factory thread 16x1Lh, and other thread
mounting options between 1/2 x 28 thru 5/8x24. It can
also be mounted to the existing barrel retaining nut
threads of the MINI or MICRO UzI and thread modified
barrel of a beretta CX4 Storm.

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