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ATI HGA FX45 Titan 45ACP Bull BBL 3.18" 7RD

ATI HGA FX45 Titan 45ACP Bull BBL 3.18" 7RD

ATI HGA FX45 Titan 45ACP Bull BBL 3.18" 7RD

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ITEM #: 813393012785
Reviewed by 11 customer  
ati fx45 3inch 7rd, September 27, 2017
... my first 1911. the previous reviews helped with my decision, and while i shot with the original parts, i like it, except for the shells to the face. the shop liked rightness of it, old me they could get the parts, but at their price i picked up 2 recoil assemblies and 2 magazines from kimber. yes the springs needed fitting, but for under 450, and some elbow grease,(including the barrel), this thing shoots everything, including wide mouth jhps, (i followed the online pictures regarding the barrel. the gun works very well.
By joe from treasure coast
This can be a nice gun, February 21, 2017
This can be a nice gun but be prepared to spend a little more time and money on it. If you are going to buy this then do it, BUT purchase a Wilson, Kimber or Colt Guide Rod/Spring set to replace the stock set. The stock guide/rod springs looks like a kid made them in metal shop...and failed.My gun had some surface rust. I'm a Marine Veteran and rust and Marines don't get along. BUT the weapon underneath all that is solid and nice. Trigger IMHO is nice. The people at Impact are awesome. They took good care of me. So don't be afraid to buy it just make sure you upgrade it a bit.
By Humble Marine from Boise, Idaho
Confused, August 17, 2015
Saw your add ATI FX.45 Titan stating 5. I understand this as 5 end mag. ATI manufacturing says theory make NO 5 end only 7.????
By gstartley from B'ham, Al.
I like it but needs mods, February 01, 2015
After reading the reviews here I decided to try mine out today.I put about 50 Rds through it with no issues using many different mags. Only complaint is yes the cases being ejected were hitting me in the face and also cut me. I am going to change the recoil springs.
By MIKE WELD from pelham nh
Worth a little TLC, November 30, 2014
I picked up an ATI 1911 not too long ago and read of the similar problems of ftf, fte, and such. I ran into the same issues my first range trip but followed that trip by ordering a few parts for the ATI. Is it gonna work like a $1500 Kimber? Nope. Will it safe your life in a pinch with a few upgrades? Yep. I changed the recoil assembly with a Colt drop-in. Fits like a glove. Also purchased two Wilson Combat mags and now it runs with the best of em. I highly recommend this gun if you need a cheap 1911 to carry. It will hang with the best of em if you just treat it right and work with it to tune it.
By from
ATI FX45 Titan, February 17, 2014
bought this to take over my primary carry. i like my other carries i have, but i've always had a soft spot for 1911s and the big ol' 45. overall, it's a good pistol. the trigger is a little on the heavy side for my liking, but that's a $8 replacement part to lighten it up (leaf spring). the grip panels leave much to be desired, but i'd of replaced them with hogue wrap-arounds either way. the magazine that came with it i had several FTFs, but my wilson combat mags made quick work of fixing that problem. the recoil spring assembly also contributed to the FTFs. i could tell from the get-go comparing it to my full-sized the slide return forward putting it into battery was weak. after a little research, i ordered and replaced the factory assembly with one from kimber made for their ultra carry 2s. it was a drop in part that works flawlessly and is much stiffer and more authoritive going into battery. since replacing those two things causing the FTFs, i've shot 500 rounds through the gun with only 2 back to back FTEs, which both were caused by dirty corrosive ammo. casings stuck in the chamber... it was really dirty shooting ammo! only reason i'm giving it 4 stars rather than 5 is the recoil spring assembly. it's pretty much a given that it will need to be replaced to function properly. but other than that i got everything i expected and i'm very happy with this firearm.
By medieval1226 from washington
Good Quality for the price, February 16, 2014
I recently purchased this gun in January 2014. I cleaned it and oiled it up for the range. I had similar problems with stove pipes, but had read reviews concerning the magazine springs. I have ordered Wilson magazines and the colt recoil spring. I put over 500 rounds of all types(230 grain, 185jhp) with no malfunctions. It just needed a few inexpensive upgrades and is a great carry and conceal. I had been looking at Kimber's, but the price was incredibly high for the sub-compacts. Now I have a very reliable weapon with great stopping power and I didn't break the bank.
By texican from LA (Lower Alabama)
ATI FX 45 Titan, June 13, 2013
Picked this up new ... good tight clearances on the slide and an action as smooth as butter. the first thing i noticed was the cheap mag that came with the gun the spring was realitively light and the 4 or 5 rnd would stick down in the magizine only to feed with a tap to the bottom of the mag while shooting so not a problem ordered 3 wilson combat mags fixed that problem. next thing was the ejected cases goin straight in the air hitting me in the head ordered a wilson extractor and ejector put it right back to ejecting at the 3 oclock postion also replaced the recoil spring with one from a colt commander wich was a drop in replacement and polished the feed ramps and this weapon works flawlessly no matter what i throw at it so for around 520$ i have an excellent carry gun. even for 620$ it is still worth the price thats half the price of a kinber and the toleranes are better on this then they are the kimbers. excellent weapon with the right upgrades that dont cost that much money and anyone mechanically enclinded can drop these parts in.
By jawbreaker from pennsylvania
excellent gun for the money, June 05, 2013
Bought gun on Monday. spent several hours with the Frog lube cleaning and preparing the gun for the range.spent several hours at the range today(wendsday) only problem was when i used an 8rd wilson mag that didn't really fit good fired everything i fed it with the stock mag win. 230 fmj, rem 185 fmj and fed hydro shock 230 JHP FOR A LITTLE OVER $500.00 good buy. not a kimber (I own one) not a wilson but it didn't cost $1500.00 to $2000.00 either
By Larry from North Carolina
Titan 45ACP, May 09, 2013
I've done the homework, I've done the research... Hey, It looks good to me thats why the ATI Titan 45ACP will be my first 45!
By GunBill from Lebanon, Ohio
Don't waist your MONEY!!, January 04, 2013
So I recently purchased the ATI FX45 3", I bought it gently used only 200 +- rounds through it. I had been looking for an affordable 1911 and this one seemed more appealing to the eye. I will say that the tolerances between the frame and slide were very tight and smooth. I was immediately persuaded into the purchase of this pistol by a rather smooth talk and quite attractive young lady. So I took it to the range upstairs and wouldn't you know the gun had more malfunctions ftf's and stovepipes than I have ever witnessed . I even had several rounds beam me in the forehead, one of which hit me with enough force to break the skin and draw blood. I would say 60 put of the 150 round would FTF or or stovepipe. It turns out that this is due to a cheap and very poorly engineered recoil assembly. The original outer recoil spring is only a 14lbs spring, so I ordered an 18lbs spring from Kimber, I installed the spring and took it to the range. After 50 rounds of 230 gn range loaded the reverse plug, which holds the recoil assembly in the slide, sheered complete in half. Turns out the part is also cheap pot steel, not at all like weapons grade steel found anywhere else on the gun. So I purchased a complete recoil assembly from Kimber. This was not a perfect drop in piece as the reverse plug from Kimber required a good amount of machining with my dremel tool in order for this part to be installed properly. Now the reoil guide rod and spring is a drop in part and once you get the reverse plug fitted properly then the rest of the assembly installs easier than the stock component. So finally after several weeks of tinkering and frustration, I finally have got this 1911 running flawlessly and is now my carry gun. I only had to pay an extra $120 so the $500 you will pay for this gun new in box will end up being $620 if you want the gun to go boom every time.
By CLackie88 from Virginia
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