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Armalite AR 50BMG Bolt 50 BMG 30" Barrel 1 Alum Stk Black

Armalite AR 50BMG Bolt 50 BMG 30" Barrel 1 Alum Stk Black

Armalite 50A1B AR 50BMG Bolt 50 BMG 30" Barrel 1 Alum Stk Black

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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Don't See Any Better, anywhere, November 17, 2015
Had mine about three years. It is such a joy to shoot, and the accuracy right out of the box surprised me, as an amateur shooter. The first time out, with only two minor scope adjustments, we were knocking off old propane bottles at 216yds. The people at Armalite have a sense of humor, as well. The owner's manual came in a large ziploc bag. Inside, along with the manual was a complimentary set of foam earplugs AND a packet of Tylenol! (the manual said the report would be loud. you'll know when it fires! ) The pride of my collection!
By Marty from Indiana
Armalite AR50A1B, May 25, 2014
I see many postings comparing Barrett's to the AR50's and others. No disrespect to Barrett, as they are a fine piece of engineering; but the AR50's will shoot circles around them time after time. That's a fact. Go check out FCSA tournaments if you don't believe me, just to see the accuracy comparison under controlled circumstances. Many get into circular arguments about accuracy potential at extreme ranges. But not all of these chat posters on the net have any real hard field data to back up their opinions. The right shooter, the right ammo and load development, the right break-in procedure, and the right barrel care. With these items in check, I say the AR50 keeps up with any 50 out there in the accuracy department, including the Tac 50. For my money, the AR50A1B is a lot of gun.
By Zipp from WI
Armalite AR50A1B, May 25, 2014
This 50 is at the top of the accuracy spectrum. With the right ammo and proper break in procedure; I don't know that you will find better. The AR50A1B is smooth with an action like a bank vault.This 50 has a valid place on the tournament shooting line. Of course this thing is a heavy beast, without question. Even so, when it comes to shooting accurate groups and assisting in taming recoil, the value of the weight is clear. Generally speaking, most shooters will not shoot as consistently with a rifle that pounds you every time you pull the trigger. It's simple biology.
By Zipp from USA
One bad boy, April 21, 2014
Gun is super accurate and with the weight and break it kicks less than my 338 lapua just a little louder though X 10 would highly recommend a great rifle at 1/3 the price of the Barrett m82
By Nash from Alabama
Ummmm..., October 18, 2012
What the hell is wrong with this guy from Houston? Who shoots a doe with a .50 caliber sniper rifle? That's pretty sick, dude. and not sick in the cool way, as in, you should probably get some help
By offended from USA
Awesome Gun, April 07, 2012
This gun is amazing - very accurate, high quality, smooth bolt. the only con would be the weight - but that probably is one of the reasons the recoil is so minor. After 30 rnds, I had no pain in my shoulder. Don't get me wrong the muzzle blast sends a shock wave through your body. Armalite should ship it with a case - it comes in a cardboard box.
By Brandon from SLC, UT
Awsome Gun, June 03, 2011
This is an awsome gun. I have owned my AR 50L for 2 years. The muzzle break is awsome at reducing felt recoil. It is similar to shooting a 308 win. The muzzle noise is ear shattering. This gun is very accurate. Ive shot 5 inch groups at 1000 yards when equiped with Badger Ordinance max 50 rings and Nightforce 5.5x22x56. Last year I shot a doe at 720 yards. I have the ISnipe app which i also reccomend. Great gun, especially for the price!
By JDog from Houston
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