AR-15 Parts

Parts for the AR-15 (or AR15) Rifle Platform

If you shoot your AR-15, be ready for any problems by having some spare parts on hand. Easy to repair yourself.

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The ODIN Works ATLAS family is true innovation when it comes to muzzle devices. The ATLAS features a 3-piece modular design that makes installation simple and fast. The core and the cap are machined from 416R stainless steel and black nitrided while the...

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Revolutionary design and function. From rapid palm blading or finger thumb charges of the weapon, the motion is fluid and fast from either strong or support side. 7075 aluminum construction. Mil-spec anodized finish. NOTE: May not fit on some SIG AR's,...

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For those customers requiring a longer barrel, Primary Weapons offers the MK220, a 20" barreled .308 with a user-removable PRC for the ultimate in recoil reduction. Designed as a DMR, the MK220 retains lethal capability out to 800 meters with varying...