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American Classic II Model, 1911, 45 ACP, Blue

American Classic II Model, 1911, 45 ACP, Blue

American Classic II Model, 1911, 45 ACP, Blue

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Reviewed by 11 customer  
Excelent 1911, March 05, 2017
Bought one of these and can't say enough good about it. Smoother than my Kimber and every bit as accurate.
By Ralph from IL
Fantastic firearm., December 12, 2015
This American Classic II compares with my Kimber Pro Cary II. I layed both side by side and to my surprise the American Classic had a tighter grouping and seemingly easier recoil. I can't decide what gun to carry everyday.
By Dwbell from Allen TX
American Classic II 45 cal, May 25, 2013
This is one fine built weapon. We have run 200 hundred rounds through this 45 and no misfires or jams. It performed perfect. I will order more for my customers. Thank you Impact Guns for the intro!
By Lee's Gunsmithing from Glendive,Montana
Great gun, great company, great CEO., November 27, 2012
I've owned this gun for several months now. Have shot hundreds of rounds with not one problem. Have only performed an initial cleaning, then just barrel cleaing... never fails to shoot, using multiple brands of ammo. Purchase experience was unique. Actually made contact with CEO and he personally contacted me back and helped me acquire this fine weapon. One huge motivator for me to purchase was the lengths at which the representatives have gone to please and answer questions. Only criticism is I don't care much for the grips look. Functionally works fine, just looks better in photos... Wanted an affordable weapon that was also reliable.. I have complete confidence is this gun to perform when and if needed.
By Tony from IL
1911 Fan, November 24, 2012
I have to say that my new American Classic II is one of the best shooters in my 1911 collection, Hopefully they will stay with the program. The 3 F's are on point" Fit, Finish,Functionality" is awesome and not to mention the factory Novak sights are on point right out of the box, My model is the dual tone and very impressed with the machine work on the lugs and all the internal surfaces of the slide, Very nice...Tight and no slop, Mags are also very good quality it my opinion, Italian made ACT MAGS with a high grade bluing to add an extra treat. Overall I love this pistol. Would recommend to any 1911 fan.
By Peter L from Miami
well worth the money, April 28, 2012
I was planning on buying at least a $800.00 1911. I read several reviews on the american classic II which were positive. Also, some were negitive having feeding problems. I also planned to buy a 1911 with adjustable sights, however I saw the AC II ... and looked it over and bought it. I liked the good blue job and as everyone elese commits the machine work is very good and fit is nice and tight. I was worried that it may not shoot well for me as most of the guns I use have adjustable sights. However, it shot well for me a point of aim, I only shot three of four clips thru it, but it feed well and preformed without a problem. The sights are very easy to see with white dots. I am glad I did not spent $800.00 to a $ 1,000.00 this gun works fine for me. If you are wondering if you should pull the trigger on one I say FIRE!
By old man with guns from Texas
Fantastic!, January 13, 2012
bought the commander model and shoots better than any other pistol I own. I put some great Wilson combat mags in and they feed great. Outstanding gun with all the goodies and can't beat the price!
By Jim from Lake Frederick, Va.
American Classic II Commander .45 ACP, August 01, 2011
I heard about this ACII 1911 so read the reviews. I own six 1911 from Springfield, Kimber, Para Ordinance to Colt with my S&W being my personal favorite. I compare all 1911's to it because the 3 F'S (fit, finish & function) is next to perfect. While the American Classic II is not an S&W or Kimber it is a well made pistol. There were no machine mark out of place on the outside and the inside was very clean. The polish lines were all going the same direction and were consistent. I have been doing trigger, polish and action jobs on 1911's for 16 years and know a little about these weapons and am still learning. Today I learned an inexpensive 1911 doesn't necessarily mean it's cheap! The bluing is consistent and the action is good. The trigger pull was just less than 5lbs. and surprisingly crisp. I have not shot the gun enough to comment about it's ability to eat but, the two magazines of hardball I sent down range functioned flawlessly and hit at point of aim right out of the box! That was impressive to my way of thinking. I will say more after I’ve put 300 rounds down range. I don't usually comment on guns I buy but, this one impressed me for the paltry $479.00 I paid!
By .45blaster from Warsaw, In.
Well worth the money!, May 22, 2011
After purchasing this gun and picking it up from my local FFL, I took it home for a quick field strip and cleaning. This being my first 1911 I was very excited to get it home and take it apart. It was very easy to field strip and clean. The next day I took it to the range with some Federal 230 grain FMJ, PMC Bronze 230 grain FMJ and PMC Starfire 230 grain HP. I had read several reviews stating that the ACT-MAG would not like 8 rounds at first. That seemed to be the case with this mag as well (not every time but it would not load that first round more than one time with FMJ and every time with HP). I understand that there is a break in period so that did not bother me. The gun shoots better than any other gun I have shot. It is now my favorite handgun (taking the place of my XD subcompact). If you are in the market for a budget 1911 this should be the one you pick. You will not be disappointed.
By Rich from GA
Best money I've spent, March 07, 2011
I just purchased this pistol after looking into 1911's for a few months and reading review after review. I have to say it's well worth the money I spent and it performed very well without any hiccups at all.This is exactly what I was looking for, a well made 1911 that looks great cycles great, shoots great and the price is great. Buy one you wont regret it.
By DavidG from Va.
This is my next gun purchase!, December 20, 2010
My brother bought this model a few weeks back and we just took it out to the range. I was surprised how well this gun is made and how tight the parts fit together. Other cheap 1911 models are loose and malfunction. This was a joy to shoot. We put 400 rounds through it and it performed like a champ. I plan on picking up one of these guns here really soon.
By Jason from Bentonville, AR
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