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Aimpoint was founded in Sweden in 1974 when a small group of entrepreneurs wanted to improve shooting accuracy.

They introduced the first Aimpoint red dot optic to the market in 1975.  Since then, Aimpoint continues to innovate. 

Many competitors have tried to duplicate the Aimpoint scope, but they all fall short in terms of reliability and durability.  While there are lower priced products on the market, we like Aimpoint; not only for their ruggedness but for how well they perform in the field.  It's obvious to see you're holding a quality built product when you hold an Aimpoint. 

Our company started selling Aimpoint optics back in 1996 when we first started the company.  We continue to feature and recommend Aimpoint as one of our premier optics brands to our customers.  We have rarely seen a disappointed customer or any problems with the products being returned.  We see this as a testament to customer satisfaction.  
Aimpoint scopes are engineered to withstand abuse under harsh conditions.   They feature parallax-free, distortion-free optics and have battery life measured in years.

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