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Aguila 22LR SSS Subsonic 60GR, 500 Rd Brick

Aguila 22LR SSS Subsonic 60GR, 500 Rd Brick

Aguila 22LR SSS Subsonic 60GR, 500 Rd Brick

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Reviewed by 2 customer  
In a Marlin XT-22, August 09, 2013
I got these to use in my new Marlin XT-22 bolt action (22" barrel, 1:16 twist rate). Just shot about 80 rounds in my backyard, trying to hit soda cans, cardboard boxes and other random objects at 15 and 25 yards. My comments: 1) Noise was comparable to an airgun. Obviously recoil was nonexistent. Very pleasant to shoot without ear protection! We have double windows and my wife could barely hear the noise from inside the house about 30 yards away from the point where I was shooting (not aiming at the house!). 2) As far as I could tell by the shape of holes, no tumbling (of course, distances were relatively short). 3) I had cleaned and oiled the rifle before and decided to cleaned it again after, just to see whether the black coat had left anything dirty. Everything was very clean, it looks like you could go 1,000 rounds before getting any appreciable residue. I did not notice any of the "sand-like grit" described in the other review, but then I had a lot more barrel to spread that out. It was late in the evening so I had to limit my activity to 80 rounds, but next time I will make sure I start earlier!!! 4) Penetration was good. Bullets went through a few layers of material including a sturdy old faux leather-covered notebook and could not recover any (although I still have a box filled with some old software and manuals that I still have to open: it made a funny "springy" noise when hit. Must have been CDs!). 5) All rounds worked perfectly, even as I was breaking in a new rifle (which, by the way, is awesome!). As for precision, not much of a clue (with smaller targets it was hard to know they had been hit until I went to check, and I was not too worried). But my guess is they more accurate than the shooter! 6) I think I remember reading some reviews elsewhere complaining about the smell (not sure if the same product though). Smell was slightly metallic, quite normal and not unpleasant.
By Just another shooter from Laurens, SC
My Experience with these rounds, May 01, 2013
Being that the hoarder\doomsday preppers are still hoarding everything they can get their hands on, I decided to buy a few 50-round boxes of these things for my .22lr revolver so that I'd have something to plink around with. Of the 100 rounds I fired, all 100 rounds worked. I can't say whether or not they are quieter than standard .22lr ammo as I was at an indoor range and was already wearing ear protection. But they "seemed" about as a loud as standard ammo. The retailer warned they probably wouldn't cycle through a semi-auto weapon. But I tried 10 rounds through my Ruger 10\22 and they worked. I used the other 90 rounds through a revolver. After opening the cylinder to remove the brass, I noticed this almost sand-like grit coming out of the cylinder which could have only come from the ammo. Apparently, this ammo is rather "dirty", if you will. I also noticed more fouling once I got the revolver home and cleaned it. Also, as mentioned in the details, the rounds will "keyhole" if the rifle twist is not fast enough. I'm not sure what the twist rate is on my revolver, but at 10 yards out, they were already tumbling. I'll probably buy a few more boxes for my revolver just so I'll have "something" to shoot with until folks stop hoarding the ammo from everyone else. But once normalcy returns to ammo inventory, I'll just buy standard ammo.
By Joe from Nashville, TN
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