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Accuracy International AX 338, Long Range Rifle, 338 Lapua, Bolt Action

Accuracy International AX 338, Long Range Rifle, 338 Lapua, Bolt Action

Accuracy International AX 338, Long Range Rifle, 338 Lapua, Bolt Action

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Accuracy International AX 338 in Flat Dark Earth


Based on the DNA of the battle proven AW series, the advanced new generation AX338 bolt action rifle inherits all the toughness, reliability, superb accuracy and ease of maintenance of its celebrated predecessor. The AX rifle’s Magnum action retains the same flat-bottomed design, but is longer (CIP/SAAMI) and wider to facilitate a compact and reliable double stack 10 round magazine.

Features include a new improved external stock design, available with either pistol or thumbhole grip, and a versatile forend rail system for fitting a variety of optical, ranging, support and carrying accessories.

Starting with AI's proven accuracy and dependability, the AX series rifles are derived from the basic DNA of the AW series rifles. This means that even though these new rifles have many advanced features, they can be depended on to deliver the same toughness, reliability, and superb accuracy of past Accuracy International sniper rifles.
•Developed specifically for the .338 Lapua Magnum
•Longer and wider, flat-bottom action to accommodate a true double-stack magazine
•Larger diameter bolt, bolt head, locking ring and barrel tenon to handle the high pressures of the .338 LM
•AW 7.62 style leaf spring extractor for reliability and ease of maintenance
•2-stage AI trigger with adjustable trigger shoe (1/2" back and forth movement)
•Adjustable hand grip in the chassis

The AX can be reloaded from the low prone position without raising the butt of the rifle. This means the operator can maintain the sight system on target and reload without disturbance to the system. The AX double stack magazine can also be topped up by inserting a single round at a time through the ejection port, and can be loaded and fired singly by the same method. This is a great advantage in situations that may not require a full mag change, or when the operator wants to maintain a full magazine after firing one or two shots. This feature also allows the operator to insert special purpose rounds as the situation may require. Like all Accuracy International magazines, the AX magazine is a military grade metal component that undergoes a surface toughening, multi-part anti-corrosive, and anti-friction finishing process. The results are everything you have come to expect from Accuracy International magazines. Simply perfection.

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