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Springfield 1911 Operator 45ACP, OD Green, Night Sights

Springfield 1911 Operator 45ACP, OD Green, Night Sights

Springfield 1911 Operator  45ACP, OD Green, Night Sights

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ITEM #: 706397872359
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Reviewed by 4 customer  
Love it, October 18, 2016
Glock fan for years in every iteration and caliber, but always wanted the one that started it all. So I pulled the trigger and picked up this 1911. Prior to this purchase my gen4 g34 was by far my favorite and best shooting pistol. Though the g34 remains my favorite, this 1911, in my hands, is the more accurate of the two. 400 rounds so far, not a single hiccup. As for the transaction impact was great, no surprises, no pressure. I'll be back.
By Rich from Syracuse, Utah
Better than it's more expensive cousin, January 13, 2012
I bought the operator and a TRP at the same time. While both operated with a minimum of fuss - over time I found that the extra bells and whistles on the TRP were simply window dressing, this gun shot as accurately, handled the same and never burped when I broke it in. Made it to 1100 rounds of various junk ammo (you know, the stuff you have partial boxes of for years) before it had problems going into battery from a dirty feed ramp. This included Wolf ammo (dirty is it's middle name). I couldn't see the TRP being worth the extra few hundred, so I sold it and bought another Operator. For those that carry one, a pistol has to instill confidence in it's operator, you have to believe that it will go bang every time you tell it to - this gun has my confidence, it's the only gun Springfield needs to make. Buy one.
By Jim H from Colorado
best gun ever, August 14, 2011
shoots anything i load into it no jams no miss fires this is the best gun i have ever shot and i really doubt i will ever shoot another 1911 that even compares to the accuracy this puts out, took it to the range 1 hour after i bought it put the first mag right trough the bulls eye at 30 yards 2 inch group, anything you point this 1911 at it will destroy. tritium night sights are great, accessory rail is great match grade parts make the difference. this gun is amazing!
By Springfield Armory FTW from Snohomish WA
A beautiful beast, August 01, 2011
I had to look all over to get one of these guns. Springfield 1911's are very hard to find, even if you want to order one. Springfield only makes a certain ammount of their 1911's and they will only ship a certain quantity to different dealers. I got lucky and found this gun at my local gun shop and was thrilled. Got a good price as well. The gun itself is beautiful, it has a solid forged steel frame and slide, all the inside parts are forged, it has the stainless match grade barrel, aluminium skeleton trigger, skeleton hammer, match grade stainless barell bushing, beaver tail grip, trigicon night sights.. all the bells and whistles you would expect on any of the top line 1911's. It's completely made and assembled in America as well... currently the only Springfield handguns made and assembled in America are the Operators and the TRP's. The rest of the 1911's are made in brazil and assembled in the US and the XD's and XDm's are made in Croatia. The trigger on this gun is top notch.. it's about 4 lbs with no creep at all and it's VERY crisp. The most accurate gun i've ever shot in my life (out of the box) and i've shot a lot of handguns. Don't hesitate to buy this if you can find one.
By Turk from USA
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