TAPCO AK-47 Magazine, Black, 30rd

TAPCO AK-47 Magazine, Black, 30rd
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Rugged and Reliable The best two words to describe our AK 30rd magazine: "rugged" and "reliable." The reinforced composite material prevents corrosion while the heavy duty spring and anti-tilt follower ensure that every round will feed perfectly. Fits in the AK-47 using 7.62 x 39mm ammunition.
When your Kalashnikov is thirsting for a magazine that can handle a beating, no questions asked, the INTRAFUSE® 30rd AK Magazine is the only logical choice. Not to mention that this magazine counts as 3 U.S. 922r compliant parts.
Holds 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39mm ammunition Designed for use in the AK-47
  • Category : Magazines and Accessories
  • Caliber : 7.62X39
  • Capacity : 30 rd
  • Finish : Black
  • Model : IntraFuse
  • Material : Composite
  • Type : Detachable
  • Model Fit : AK-47

5 Reviews

  • Fits M70 a little better than steel mags

    Posted by SupaFlyJedi on Nov 21st 2013

    Bought 2 of these a while back from a different supplier to try and modernize my Yugo M70 a bit. Fit on the 2 I have is as good or better than the metal mags that cam with it, a little wobble, but that's to be expected as the factory mags do the same thing, though these wobble less. Have had no feed issues whatsoever with these, though I've only run about 60 rounds through each. They can be a little tough to unload as others have noted. Overall, I will definitely be buying more in the future.

  • the good stuff!!!

    Posted by G-man on Apr 23rd 2013

    Good mag if you have some kind of wobble on your AK..Kind of tight at first but after a little playing in and out of your AK it will fit nice.

  • Modification to fit Arsenal slr101

    Posted by Mikey on Feb 13th 2013

    slight modification needed to get past the mag catch... simply took the dremel to it and it fit perfect after that, very snug. I can't say how well they operate since when I got to the range after I bought them is when I discovered they needed slight modification. With that said the other reviewer who said the rounds are near impossible to unload after loading was spot on, that spring is tight as hell...

    All in all good quality in my opinion, even after I had to trim it down to fit there is plenty of material left for the mag catch..

  • Great mags

    Posted by Happy on Apr 4th 2012

    Can't beat the price. I was not sure they would be any good, but I tried a couple and they are good to go. I just ordered another dozen for my long term storage plans

  • Always a matter of give and take.

    Posted by Erro on Jun 20th 2011

    A friend gave me two of these for my birthday. I'm not a big fan of plastic mags having used a few others with extremely poor performance. These however were free so I tried them. We will start wit the bad. There are three issues with these polymer mags. 1 Good luck getting them into your gun with any kind of speed you have to kind of coax them in. 2 if you load it leave it loaded till you shoot it I found it very hard to get round back out of the mag without using my rifles action, this is not such a big deal unless you are in the habit of constantly loading and unloading mags but it's there. 3 I wouldn't recomend toughing the mag while fireing. It's an AK-47 things wiggle, but these mags flop around like a dying fish. I have not tried to create the issue yet (will soon) but I'm betting if you grabbed ahold of that mag while fireing it would jam up on you. The bad stuff aside they function well I have had no jams from normal fireing and they have not gotten chewed up by my bolt. I dropped and smacked them around a bit both loaded and unloaded to try and break them but they held up fine. The price is right and they are just fine for range time.

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