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1911 Handguns for Sale

1911s for Sale

Originally designed by John M. Browning in Ogden, Utah, the 1911 is one of the world’s most widely adopted pistols for both military and civilian use. At Impact Guns, we have no shortage of 1911s for sale.

Also called the Colt 1911, The M1911 is a single-action, magazine-fed, recoil-operated handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. This handgun served as the standard-issue handgun for the U.S. military soldiers from 1911 to 1985 (and still serves some Special Operations units to this day). Although many companies now offer their own 1911 guns for sale, with some even chambering the 1911 in 22LR, 9mm and 10mm, the basic design of the 1911 45 remains the same. Some of our 1911's for sale include models by Colt, Kimber, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Armory. Modern day shooters not only enjoy a more reliable, more accurate handgun, they also are able to customize their own 1911 with custom grips, triggers, safeties and more. More holsters are being offered for different sized 1911’s, including designs specifically for concealed carry, making the 1911 one of the most widely adopted firearms in the history of modern weapons.

Explore our massive selection of 1911 guns for sale to find the one that’s right for you.

Colt 1911 Springfield 1911 Kimber 1911 Rock Island 1911

Browning 1911, .380 ACP, Black Label W/ Pro sights

$879.00 $474.79
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Browning's 1911 Black Label Pro pistol is constructed of 7075 aluminum with a stainless steel slide finished in matte black. This pistol features night dot and bar sights, an extended ambidextrous manual safety, skeletonized hammer, and an ABS carry case...

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Browning 1911-380 380acp Cmp G10 Rail

$829.00 $687.69
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The 1911-380 Black Label Pro Compact is a compact size, lightweight pistol. The steel barrel has a black matte finish with steel three-dot sights. The composite frame has 7075 aluminum sub-frame and slide rails, extended ambidextrous manual thumb and...

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Browning 1911-380pro Med 380acp Ss Ns

$799.99 $732.19
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BROWNING® LIMITED PRODUCTION 1911-380 BLACK LABEL MEDALLION STAINLESS •Full-Size Model •Night Sights •85% scale 1911 pistol chambered in .380 ACP •Locked-breech action •Single-action matte black skeletonized alloy trigger •Commander hammer...

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