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ZEISS Victory 8x45 RF, Rangefinding Binoculars

ZEISS Victory 8x45 RF, Rangefinding Binoculars

ZEISS Victory 8x45 RF, Rangefinding Binoculars
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To meet the high standards and grueling demands of the serious game hunter, only the most exacting precision engineering of Victory RF binoculars will do. To maximize functionality, each versatile pair is packed with the essential features for the hunt: high-performance optics with a generous 45mm objective, digital Laser Rangefinder, Ballistic Information System-BIS™, and T* multi-coated lenses for unmatched vision. For anyone who considers hunting more than just a casual pastime, a pair of Victory RF binoculars are essential.

Sometimes it is not enough to see your game clearly. Sometimes, for one shot that makes the whole hunt more memorable, you need to know the exact range to your target and how bullet drop is going to effect your placement.

What you then need are binoculars with maximum contrast and clarity, which also provide you with the exact distance to your target and holdover information based on the trajectory of your load. Discover the new Victory RF Binoculars: the world’s first binoculars with integrated laser rangefinder, premium ZEISS optics, and a sophisticated Ballistic Information System.

The Victory 8 x 45 T* RF binoculars not only features very bright and powerful optics with LED displays, its integrated BIS™ ballistic information system also delivers the information required to correct the holdover in a fraction of a second. Additional important features include ease of use and informative, not overloaded display concept - all in an ergonomically design for comfortable handling.

Instantly Calculate Target Distance & Holdover with BIS

If the zero distance and the ballistic curve of the bullet are known, the required holdover (H) can be determined for every distance. The integrated BIS™ Ballistic Information System performs this task in a fraction of a second.

The right program as the basis for the ballistic calculation is selected in 3 steps:

  • Which measuring unit is used?
    “Yards” or “Meters” are available.
  • Which distance has the weapon been zeroed?
    100 yd and 200 yd if measurement is made in yards, or 100 m or GEE (most favorable zeroing range) if meters are selected as the measuring unit.
  • Which available ballistic curve corresponds to the flight path of the bullet?
    Compare your ammunition with the database to make the proper choice of BIS ballistic program.

The relevant program can be entered easily and quickly via the SET button.

After each measurement, the correct holdover is immediately shown in the image field after the display of the distance. For example, H10 means: aim 10 inches higher. If meters are selected as the measuring unit, the holdover is automatically displayed in centimeters.

Please note: The ballistic information system merely helps to support and increase reliability and does not replace your own assessment and experience as a hunter. We would recommend you to make some trial shots to verify compliance of the data with the actual impact points. Deviations can be caused, for example, by different mounting heights and barrel lengths of the riflescopes or by the weather, and must be taken into consideration accordingly.

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