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Walther Arms 2246004 PPK/S 380ACP DA/SA 3.3" 7+1 Black Polymer Grip SS

Walther Arms 2246004 PPK/S 380ACP DA/SA 3.3" 7+1 Black Polymer Grip SS

Walther Arms 2246004 PPK/S 380ACP DA/SA 3.3" 7+1 Black Polymer Grip SS
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Outstanding piece of history, great shooter., April 22, 2014
I have owned two of these fine guns for many years. They are always fun to shoot, very accurate and 100% reliable. Truley a classic and very high quality, way ahead of it's time. This gun will last forever and always be in style.
By Shawn P Hudgens from Boise, Idaho
great gun, September 04, 2013
ive put about 4000 rounds through mine and havent had any problems. as for the rear sight being off and needing moved to be on target...thats perfectly normal. thats a drift sight and youre supposed to move it with a drift pin to fix windage...there is no reason for a low rating for needing to sight in your gun. very fun, easy and safe gun. i say safe because of the decocker. i do not trust it completely because i dont like to ever see the hammer drop with a cartrige loaded unless i want it to fire. the decocker makes its a breeze to load and be safe. put a mag in, rack the slide while its in safe mode, the hammer drops automaticly and its still in safe and you can holster it and be on your way. it is short and in turn not terribly accurate at over 10 yards. on one last note, it is VERY easy to field strip.
By DanC from Pennsylvania
just think like bond, September 25, 2011
ok i didnt get the pistol just because of 007 but walther has great pruducts i just recently got this gun from a buddy and probally fired 200 rounds through it myself.very nice simple and accurate gun.the only thing is ive seen the safety misfired on another friends stainless steel version i own the black or blue one cant tell its a few years old.but very nice gun for ccw or practice with someone who doesnt shoot.awsome gun though.
By madballshaw from pc FL, December 09, 2010
I have had my Walter PPK/s for a couple of years. After 3 boxes of Rem. ammo I shot 1 box of Wolf. I guess it was just circumstance but after that the gun would only shoot in double action only mode. I called Smith and Wesson and they said they had never heard of that before and they wanted the gun back. In a couple of days I received a mailer stamp to send the gun back. As this was just before Christmas, I thought I would be lucky to see the gun before the next spring but I had the gun back a couple of days after New Years and it has never malfunctioned once since. I have fired well over 500 rounds through this gun and I have been impressed with the accuracy of the gun. It is my primary carry piece. I just added the Crimson Trace Laser grips and I have to say that is a great addition to this great pistol. I have five 380 pistols and the PPK/s is the most accurate of the group and the easiest to shoot.
By Mike from Shoreacres, Texas
My second PPK/S, December 09, 2010
I have a very old Walther PPK, been in our family many years. Used as a back-up for police work for a while. It has a lot of sentimental value, so I decided to get a new PPK/S. This new pistol was delivered fast (good service Impact, thanks) and I have taken it to the range several times, always worked great, and I am 100& pleased and would recommend this pistol to my friends.
By Rog from NV
This was a replacement gun from S&W AKA Walther, November 24, 2010
Let's start with the PROs. The Walther PP family of guns were designed by a master gun designer about 80 years ago. If there were problems with the design they are certainly ironed out by now. I have three 380s; a Kel-Tec, a Ruger LCP, and this Walther PPK/S which replaced my previous Walther PPK/S. It is slightly larger and slightly heavier than the other two which make it more comfortable for me to hold and the additional weight does reduce the recoil. General Impression? It is the nicest of the three. Now the CONS. I purchased a 2 Tone 380 Walther PPK/S and had a lot of trouble with the gun. (It is reviewed separately as 2 tone) It was sent back to the factory three times. The third time the gun was replaced with this new PPK/S Stainless. The old gun was stillborn and never fired a complete clip (7 rounds) without a malfunction. [Note - I am pretty sure the problem was a bent frame.] The day the new gun, the one I am reviewing now, arrived I fired four rounds with no problems. I took the new gun to the range two days later. The range master put the next four rounds through the gun and at 15 feet he was 6" to the right and about 1 inch low. I continued to fire the gun myself that day and I too found I was consistently off to the right but there was only one misfire and no jams, stovepipes, failures to eject, etc as their had been with the previous gun. Now both guns have fired about 200 rounds and this one had only one misfire. I took the bullet that failed to fire and it did fire with my Ruger LCP no problem. This was many times better than it's predecessor. If it only shot straight I would be in heaven. I looked the gun over very carefully that night and found the rear sight was easily 1/16th of an inch out of place. I am seriously beginning to wonder if there is any quality control in Houlton Maine where these guns are being made. I am now waiting for a label to put on the FedEX box so I can send the new gun back to Smith and Wesson's shop in Springfield Massachusetts.
By disappointed from New England
A reliable, accurate pistol., October 14, 2010
I have owned a Walther PPK/S for more than 20 years and have put thousands of rounds down the tube. With few exceptions it has proven to be a reliable, highly accurate and easily concealable pistol. The fixed barrel of the Walther is superior, in my mind in follow-up shot accuracy, and eliminates barrel bushing wear problems. Walther has manufactured this DA/SA fixed barrel design since 1925, and is the standard of quality in this area. The few problems I have encountered with jamming malfunction were remedied with a little work on the feed ramp, and by using only quality ammunition. The .380 is widely considered to be marginal, but by using only high quality hollow points, e,g, Federal Hi Shok or Black Talon I have no worries. The fast action of the Walther design allows for a very quick follow up shot, or multiple if necessary, and the S/A trigger is very good right out of the box, with minimal travel and a crisp let-off. It is also an eminently safe piece for personal carry, with multiple safety devices integral to the design. While not inexpensive, it is a durable, fast handling and highly concealable pistol that does its job well. It was. after all, good enough for James Bond!
By Dutch from Michigan
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