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Walther PK380, Black, 8 Rnd Mag

Walther PK380, Black, 8 Rnd Mag

Walther PK380, Black, 8 Rnd Mag
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Reviewed by 4 customer  
Best 380 ever made, January 27, 2014
This weapon has never failed me in 5 years and I carry it every where I go and trust it with my life. If your having problems with this gun you should either work on your shooting technique, you maybe holding it wrong and allowing the recoil to jam its self or you may have just got a one and a million lemon or your just full of it. I give it 5 stars ***** on everything, its amazingly accurate with in 20 yrds, its the most comfortable stock grip I've ever had,it has NEVER jammed or malfuntioned in any way, its ambidextrous, it looks bad ass not blocky or unproportionate looking like hi point or glock ( not bashing glock but they are sometimes goofy looking)mags hold sufficiant capacity, and its super light weight and very easily concealed. This gun is a very worthy weapon and for anyone that disagrees you are simply wrong theres nothing to argue about.
By Hess from OHIO
Excellent, can't beat it for the price, December 15, 2012
Tight shot groups, not picky about brands of ammo, Never had a jam or a misfeed. Every other person I've talked to that owns one has loved it as well. For the price range this has got to be one of the best .380's around. Only issue I had was that one of the stock sights lost the white on it. Manufacturer was quick to send me a replacement at no cost.
By Brady from Idaho
Great gun, September 12, 2012
I have put about 500 rounds into paper so far and its a great gun. No jams no miss-feeds No problems. I like the size and the weight. No pistol has felt better in my hand. If you had a problem with this pistol you're doing it wrong. Great price! Great gun!
By Kingfish from Utah
Horrible weapon, avoid at all cost, June 20, 2012
I did not purchase this gun at impact, everything ive bought from impact has been exceptional, if you buy anything buy from these guys!!! bought my pk380 back in febuary, initially my wife and i put around 800 rounds through it but the more we fired it the more it jammed up untill it was failing to eject at all and failing to load the majority of the time, so i called S&W to have it repaired, i got the sidearm back today with a little sheet of paper that says "REPAIRED: REPLACE FIRING PIN REPAIRED: REPLACE SPRING". needless to say im a bit excited called the wife and let her know we were going shooting tonight. drove out to our usually shooting spot, laid out 10 targets, loaded all 3 magazines and with a big old grin started to blast in the general direction of my targets (im a piss poor shot with the pk380 its not the weapon its me) after 5 shots and 3 landing on target i pull the triger again, nothing, safe it look at it and its jammed, figured its a fluke cleared the weapon put the next 3 down, grabed the next magazine got 3 off before a failure to eject, cleared it, 2 more and another failure...
By Forgotenpast from Riverton, Ut
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