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Springfield XDS 9MM Compact, Black, Single Stack

Springfield XDS 9MM Compact, Black, Single Stack

Springfield XDS 9MM Compact, Black, Single Stack

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ITEM #: 706397893859
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Sweet little shooter, March 30, 2015
I am blown away by this little gun. I had only a full size Beretta 92fs 9mm and a couple of .22's before this gun. This gun is more accurate for me than my full size 92fs. I was so suprised that a gun this small was so accurate. I bought it for a conceal carry, trying out the .45 version of this gun before. The .45 was a lot to handle at this size, so I decided to go for the 9mm version. All I can say is wow. I am officially a Springfield Arms fan.
By Chad from Missouri
Awesome 9mm., October 28, 2014
Dead accurate out of the box with less than one inch groupings at 7 yards(no lie). Easy to handle the recoil with long slender fingers like mine. I felt I had a solid grip & complete control of the gun with the aggressive gripping. I didn't have to alter my usual finger pad position on the trigger which made it more comfortable and easy to shoot out of the box. For example on the M&P Shield the trigger pull is so hard I had to adjust my finger position to prevent shooting down & to the left and in so doing I didn't have the firm grip on the gun that I would have liked causing me to feel more recoil. No problems with this gun.
By Driver from Boise
Great Purchase!, October 22, 2014
I, of course, shot this before I bought and I loved it then. I've owned it for close to two months and couldn't be more pleased. I also just received my three free magazines (inclusive of an extended mag with two butt fittings to fit my current grip setting) and an extra mag holster in a foam case (no lock fittings, but still useful). The gun came with two mags, a holster, fiber optic front sights (red and green), lock, really nice TSA-compatible case with double locks, allen key, and a mag holster. I've shot this several times and still love the grip and weight-distribution of the gun. I heard a lot of flack about the recall for the safety keeping the trigger position backward as well as the round replenisher issues people were having (not a recall but ample feedback of that). Well, the recall was in late 2013, and I haven't seen any real examples of replenisher issues. I can honestly say that Springfield has definitely corrected all issues with this handgun. It is definitely a firearm that was designed with a great attention to detail. Great purchase, in my opinion!
By WhitBit from Layton, UT
wonderful shooting experience!, October 03, 2014
I have had 500 flawless rounds through this little pistol and i have to say it has been a blast to shoot and carry! I replaced the sights with trijicon HD series sights (model SG101Y) and made it even better! Very nice gun for the money buy it you will not be disappointed.
By josh from birmingham AL
Great!, August 11, 2013
I tried the XDS at my local gun range and fell in live with it immediately! After trying a Taurus and the Baretta Nano, I found the XDS to have a smoother trigger pull and better accuracy. At first I didn't like the shorter grip, but after trying it with the extended mag, the gun felt like it was apart of my hand. I loved it so much I came home and bought one without any hesitation. I definitely recommend this as a daily conceal carry!
By JtG from Tampa, FL
Excellent CCW, August 03, 2013
I highly recommend this as your new CCW handgun. It is dead accurate out of the box. I took it to the range and it was the talk of the range. All my fellow range guys and gals loved it. I used to carry a KAHR PM 40. Bye, bye PM hello XDS 9mm...
By Am3ricanGI from Boise
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