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Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, Full Package, 13rd Mags

Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, Full Package, 13rd Mags

Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, Full Package, 13rd Mags
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Reviewed by 15 customer  
Xd 45 Full Size, January 12, 2015
I love my xd 45,it's very accurate right out of the box. Feeds good , ive shot reloads with no problems. Nice sights Just a good gun.Easy to break down to clean.Jud
By Jud from Marshfield,Mo>
Unbelievably smooth and easy to handle, November 26, 2014
Bought this gun to replace the disappointing Glock 36, which jams with every magazine. I struck gold with this gun. Went to the range today for the first time with this gun and it worked flawlessly, even with reloads. Should have known since I already had a XD-9mm that is perfect. Do not waste your money on big name/priced firearms with this fantastic gun out there to choose from. Price just dropped 21 dollars from what I just paid but I don,t care after shooting this baby. Springfield is the best!
By Ragnar from London, Ohio
Arguably the best handgun out there., September 09, 2014
Great pistol. Bought it last weekend on Mississippi's "Tax Free" weekend, and immediately went to the range. Superb feel, perfect balance, excellent portability, fantastic accuracy @ 15 yards. The only negative is actually a positive in my view: the double safety system really works - you have to squeeze the handle to engage the trigger. This tends to make one pull a bit hard and drag the shot. But, as a casual user and not military personnel, I like this feature, and feel like I'll get used to it after a few magazines. Best .45 for the money, for sure!
By Hoosierpal22 from Madison, MS
beauty in simplicity, April 12, 2014
This sidearm is outstanding! The recoil is surprisingly miniscule. Basically no muzzle drift or climb. Very accurate, great for beginners for the simplicity, great for experienced shooters because of how ergonomic and natural it feels in your hand. Nice deep serrations on the slide, front and back. Easy point and shoot method. I recommend this pistol to anyone wanting a personal or home defense weapon.
By mtread from ky
WOW!, September 24, 2011
By Pepe from Jersey
Pure Functionality, December 27, 2010
Great pistol! Springfield really hit the target with this 45. I initially purchased this pistol for home defense. What sold me on it was the combination of the grip/ trigger safety. What is unique about these two safeties is that they allow the pistol to go from safe to fire by simply grasping the weapon. In conjunction with these safeties is the chamber indicator that is both a visual and touch reference to whether there is a round in the chamber. The design and simplicity of this pistol is the reason I also purchased the sub-compact 9mm model for concealed carry. Disassembly is accomplished in nanoseconds, and cleaning is an easy task. I have had excellent reliability from this pistol, and it is great fun to shoot. I give me upmost recommendations.
By Nick from Bend, OR
Springfield XD 45, December 21, 2010
I bought a Springfield XD45 a few years ago, w/accompanying XD Gear. I fell in love with it after shooting it! I like the power of a .45 ACP along with a high-capacity capability. I don't have real large hands (average, maybe?), so I was worried (before I bought it) that maybe the grips would be too big/cumbersome for me given the hi-cap mags, etc. When I handled it for the first time, I quickly found that it was not a problem, felt like it was made for my hand. It is also easier to carry concealed than I expected it would be. I am very pleased with it overall.
By Dave Leighton from South Royalton, VT
Springfield XD, December 18, 2010
This is an amazing gun. Very well priced, especially since it comes with two mags, loader, mag pouch and holster. One thing that stuck out to me was the 13 round capacity, that is a lot of lead. This gun is very accurate and easy to shoot. I chose this gun over the other favored brand because it felt really good in my hand. The angle and size of the grip were perfect for me. The chambered and cocked indicators are a very nice addition, as well as having a grip safety. I would highly recommend this, and all guns in the XD lineup, to anybody looking for a new pistol.
By Anon from Boise
Beauty in a Beast, December 18, 2010
Wow, this is it! What I had been looking for to keep the human wolves at bay. From my LEO days, I know that firearm self defense uses are over in just a few seconds and involves relatively short distances. With that in mind, this is the pistol that is ready for action when extracted from the holster and brought to bear with a caliber that means nothing but deadly serious business. I have cycled 50 plus clips through my XD45 weapon with no failures experienced with any type ammo while demonstrating the level of accuracy at 25 yards one would not usually expect from a .45ACP. This pistol has two safeties integrated into its operation that ensures the weapon does not inadvertently discharge when dropped and will not fire unless gripped firmly in one's hand. In reality, the simplicity of operation exceeds that of a revolver while being far safer to operate. In summary, simple safety and operation provides affordable security in life.
By BennieBob from Mobile AL
Finger Point Of Aim, December 17, 2010
I have found that my XD-45 hits point of aim just like pointing your finger. The Springfield XD is like an extension of my hand, the craftsman at Springfield has created the perfect tool. It eats whatever you feed it without complaint or burp and hits whatever you point it at, much like the index finger. My choice for point or aimed fire, night or day it is right on target.
By javarush from Summerfield, NC
Best, December 16, 2010
This handgun is definitely my favorite of all. It is easy to handle and feels right in my hand. The only time it ever jammed, I was shooting a buddies reloads. He told me that he had decreased the load on that batch. Factory rounds have never given me a problem. I would recommend this handgun to anyone with average size hands.
By Tim from Texas
Springfield Armory XD 45, December 16, 2010
Springfield Armory has a winner with their XD series of handguns. I have both the XD 9 and XD 45 and have put hundreds of rounds through each without failure. I rate the XD 45 as a 5, and bet my life on it. The XD 45 comes with the same trigger and tang safety features that it's little 9 mm brother sports, and also has an optional ambidextrous thumb safety like the 1911 A1. Although some may argue this thumb safety is overkill, I remember the incident where the bad guy disarmed a cop of his S&W 5906 semi auto, but because of the complex safety system, was unable to fire the weapon. With a light-weight polymer frame, flat sighting field on the slide assembly and built in accessary rails this is a versatile, quick action and comfortable pistol to carry and use. The XD 45 uses easy to get ammo in a proven stopping power caliber. This pistol is reliable, light, easy to clean and because of the liberal checkering, can be firmly held in wet or slippery conditions. Magazine change outs are easy and quick. Although, loading the magazine by hand can take some effort, a mag loader makes the chore easy. In summary, the XD 45 is one of the best personal defense pistols available. It offers quality, value and reliability. Reviewed by 3 customer Newest First Oldest First Highest Rating First Lowest Rating First Springfield XD45 Compared To The Glock 30 .45 ACP, November 15, 2010 This is an independent review of the Springfield Armory XD autoloading pistol in .45 ACP. It is rather long, but if you are in the market for a compact 45, you may be surprised! Sit back and read up. The Springfield Armory XD is available in 9mm Para /Luger, .40 S & W, .45 ACP and .45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol) cartridge. It comes with a lifetime warranty against defect for the original owner. It also is available in the XD-M designation, which is the same weapon only match grade, better fitting parts and slightly different gripping surfaces on the stocks. I am comparing my new XD .45 ACP Service Pistol to my Glock 30 compact in .45 ACP Both are polymer framed with steel slides and barrels. The length of the slide and barrel of the two are almost identical. The XD slide is just a slight bit narrower maybe an eighth of an inch but a ¼ inch longer than the Glock.   The stocks or grips are the same width. The XD stock, grip or magazine well is one inch longer because it is a full size service pistol and not a compact. The XD in the compact version has nearly the same size frame and stocks. My Glock holds 10 plus 1 and my XD holds 13 plus 1 of .45 ACP hurt. My little finger of my shooting hand wraps around the mag of the Glock and the tail of the stock of the XD. Both weapons have a "Chamber Loader" indicator, which I never use and would never consider using as I always do a visual or low light chamber check. The XD has an additional visual indicator, a firing pin status indicator that is in the form a little silver button or pin that protrudes from the rear of the slide when the weapon is cocked, which is visible and can be felt or thumbed with the weapon holstered. Not sure if this is really necessary because I cant think of a scenario when you would have a live round chambered without the striker / firing pin cocking in the process of getting that round in there in the first place, except when dry practicing. When a Glock trigger is tripped, the trigger stays to the rear, visually alerting you to the weapons status. The XD trigger returns to the ready position after a dry fire so maybe they feel it’s necessary, I don’t know. The XD has an ambidextrous Magazine release, both buttons work easily to drop the magazine. The Glock has only a left-hand release and it really has to be pressed hard to eject the mag. Ambidextrous and extended mag releases are available after-market. I purchased the extended mag release for my Glock only to install it to find it would depress itself in my Fobus holster, unlatching my mag so it fell out of the weapon when presented. Good thing I was presenting the weapon to my safe and not to a threat. The threat may have whizzed his pants laughing at my mag hitting the deck. I subsequently re-installed the factory release to prevent that from happening again. So the XD is now +1. Both the Glock and the XD have "safe triggers" where the safety lever extends through the middle of the trigger to prevent negligent discharges by pretty much requiring there be a finger pressing the trigger to discharge the weapon. The XD has an additional grip safety, very similar to the 1911 style and located in the same place, the upper rear of the frame. I won’t necessarily give the XD an extra point for that feature, as I really believe the trigger safety is adequate and a grip safety not required if the weapon is handled properly. Next item is the slide stop lever that releases the slide when it is locked back. The XD has a very adequate, easily thumbable, slide stop lever where as the Glock slide stop barely protrudes past the slide, it is almost impossible to release bare handed, and impossible to release with a gloved hand. It was probably designed that way to prevent snagging from concealed carry, but even as big as the XD’s is, it does not snag and your proper firing grip clears the way for draw from the holster. Again, I had to purchase an extended Glock slide stop lever and install it. The extended lever is just slightly easier to release as it is not a whole lot bigger then OEM. You can however release the slide every time bare handed but still have to paw at it a couple of times when wearing gloves. The XD is now +2 with its superior slide stop lever. To field strip the Glock, you must press the trigger, find a way to grip the pistol so you can hold the slide back about a quarter inch as you paw at the take down "levers" which are actually tiny tabs on both sides of the frame with your other hand. Both "levers" must be completely in the down position before releasing your grip on the slide to remove the slide from the frame. Not a big deal, with practice you can usually do it the first time most of the time. Usually what happens is you don’t get both take down levers all the way down and it won’t separate. You then must re-dry fire if it re-cocked itself, re-grip the slide to that quarter inch back position, and repeat manipulating the take down levers. Extended Glock after market take down levers are also available, but after my extended mag release experience, I passed on that option! The XD has a take down lever on the left side. You simply lock the slide back with the nice meaty slide stop lever, flip the equally easy to grasp take down lever up, release the slide, press the trigger and off the slide comes. Re-assembly is just as simple. Run the slide onto the frame and lock it back, return the take down lever to the firing position and release the slide. Very, very easy. The XD is now Plus 3. When field stripped, both weapons have a captive slide return spring and with their removal, the barrel easily lifts out of both weapons. Both slides then detail strip and re-assemble very similarly if necessary to do so. The XD’s spring is slightly easier to place back in it’s proper position to re-assemble, but that alone is not worth an additional point, maybe a half. XD now + 3.5. All other features are about the same, they both weigh nearly the same when loaded with the same amount of ammo, have a front rail for a light, and the factory sights are nearly the same. Both weapons have identical fire controls, point and shoot. No manual safeties or de-cocking levers to mess with or forget about. As far as performance, both weapons feel good in your hands, shoot well, and both are deadly accurate at 7 meters with stock factory sights. The XD and the Glock come with 2 mags each and mag filling tools but the XD also comes with a plastic double mag holder and a plastic holster for a tactical or wide leather belt. The holster has adjustable retention but just isn’t a Fobus, (just my preference) good for a spare I guess. The dual mag holder goes on your belt, but it’s not paddle style. Maybe another half a point for the XD's free stuff that comes with it. XD, 4 points ahead. The Glock 30 is the compact version. Springfield Armory also sells a compact and sub compact XD. The XD compact, which is comparable to the Glock 30, comes with one 10 round mag for carry and a 13 round backup mag with the 13 rounder having a grip extension. The stocks or frame or grip of the Compact XD is just about the same length as the Glock 30. No extra points as you can purchase as many mags at the capacity level you desire for both weapons. If you would want to equip your XD with Crimson Trace Laser grips, they saddle mount in the same fashion as they do on my Glock 30 at or near the same price point. Both weapons have their own proprietary finish on the steel parts in black and both seem durable and scratch resistant. The XD Service Pistol would make an excellent duty weapon or winter concealed carry weapon and the compact a year round carrier if they run as reliably as my Glock has with over 1000 rounds through it with not one feed malfunction or failure to fire. I have only shot 50 rounds through the XD (without any failures) so reliability is still up for grabs. I am a huge Glock fan but comparing apples to apples, if the XD runs like the Glock, I would have purchased the XD over the Glock for the 4 points or reasons stated in my review. I will continue to carry the Glock because my full size XD service pistol is too big to easily conceal, (its like lugging a full size 1911 around) additionally I already paid for all the necessary up-grades to the Glock including the Crimson Trace laser grips. It’s your money, both pistols retail for close to the same money so grab a XD and grab a Glock. Examine each one of the pistols and you’ll see fit and finish are nearly the same quality. Now check each advantage point I shed light on to make your purchase with knowledge. By Weed from Cleveland, Ohio Pistol Perfection? Springfield XD in 45 acp!, November 15, 2010 I must say, this gun is by far one of thr best pistols that I have ever shot in my life. This gun is reliable, it is versatile, it just plain kicks ass. I purchased this gun over others for many reasons. At the time I purchased the gun my job was being a land surveyor. This meant i had to be on other people's land where neighbors would have disputes. I bought this gun because when I was a mile out in the woods of New Hampshire I didn't want to have a situation i couldn't get myself out of. This gun is the perfect size to keep out of sight but big enough and powerful enough to give you peace of mind. I didnt have to worry about dropping this gun accidentally or to have to worry about it going off if it got knocked around in my gear bag out there. I would highly suggest anyone that is either in a duty job or a job that requires a bit of a force multiplier, that you decide to get this gun! By Tim Runnals from Rochester, NH Can't Get Much Better!!, November 13, 2010 the xd 45 was my first 45 i ever owned. i liked the way it felt in my hand compared to the narrower grips of a 1911. the action was like a hot knife going through butter and better yet was the recoil. i just can't get over how smooth it shot. the only thing i didn't like with it was the lack of interchangeable parts that the the new xdm has. By matthew johnston from virginia « Previous | PAGE1 of 1 | Next »
By Jerbeaux from Louisiana
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