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Sig P238 Sub Compact Pistol, 380 ACP, Black, Fixed Sights

Sig P238 Sub Compact Pistol, 380 ACP, Black, Fixed Sights

Sig P238 Sub Compact Pistol, 380 ACP, Black, Fixed Sights

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Reviewed by 4 customer  
My favorite carry gun, December 17, 2014
I got mine in a different finish with night sights that isn't listed on this site so I'll just list my review here. This is a perfect gun for those who want to emphasize the "concealed" part in "concealed carry". It's so small you can fit it in your pocket and no one will know you're packing. The accuracy on this is second to none for a pistol of its size. The lack of recoil makes it easy to double or even triple tap with great accuracy. From 15 feet away I was even able to put half a smiley face on a silhouette ala Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. I would have been able to finish the face but I ran out of bullets. :) After I added a Crimson Trace I was able to hit a full size target center of mass from 50 feet out. The best part about the gun is the beaver tail on the end. I have large hands, so I couldn't carry the Ruger LCP or similar pocket pistols because of slide bite. I have no problem with that with the P238. If you decide to get this gun, I recommend carrying it in your pocket with the weapon loaded with the hammer down and safety off. It's safer than carrying with the safety on, which can get dislodged in your pocket, and it only takes a millisecond to cock the gun and fire. For the life of me I can't get a pocket holster that won't stick to the gun when you draw it, so I carry it without one. It won't fire without the hammer cocked, so I haven't had a negligent discharge by carrying like this. The only downside to the gun is that there's a breaking in period of about 300-500 rounds before it won't give you any problems. I had it jam a few times in the beginning but after that it fired perfectly.
By John from Detroit
Awesome, March 07, 2013
Purchased this same gun. Excellent firearm. Very accurate and reliable. This is a must have for any permit holder.
By Gee from Ky
SIG SAUER P238, November 20, 2012
The P238 is an amazing concealed weapon. I purchased it for my wife, only to realize that this is the concealed weapon for me. Well we shared until I bought the second one for myself. After going to the range we realized that for a .380, with hardly a recoil, this light as a feather, solid weapon, should be considered if you're in the market. Since our purchase, I wish that i could get a kickback from SigSauer for all of the P238's that we sold for them.
By Jackie from Naples, FL
Great CCW, November 15, 2012
Nice small concealable. Easy to carry and conceal, typical Sig quality. Great Back-up gun. I recommend it!
By Ian from Utah
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