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Savage 111 Long Range Hunter, 338 Lapua, 26"

Savage 111 Long Range Hunter, 338 Lapua, 26"

Savage 111 Long Range Hunter, 338 Lapua, 26"
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great accuracy, August 21, 2013
Savage hit a home run with this fine piece. .7 MOA at 105 yds. .338 Lapua Mag. 300gr Lapua
By Codejunkie from Rocky Mts.
working man's m/ rad, January 26, 2013
you can not beat this rifle for the money. compare this to a barrett m98 m rad!yes the barrett is probably a little better but i was hitting a quarter size target area consistantly at 200 yards with my 111!real nice shooter right out of the box! now do some soul searching and think about this one!i bought a 11/111LRH for 995.oo new in the box!(i looked around and found that deal right)i then bought a used rifle specific matched silencer a real nice used long range optic a 5x night sight bi pod tactical sling extra mags and hard case to put it all in and had 3000.00 in all,yeah really!shop around and trust me! a bolt action mag fed m/rad bare starts at about 4500 average but not as hard to find because of the price tag!now add all the above mentioned accesories and those will be more because they are for a barrett m/rad! were talking 7500 to 8500 for the m rad set up!now do the math!savage 111's are catching on and are becomeing hard to find for a good reason!im on here now looking for another one! according to savage these are still available thru retailers!one thing to keep in mind! no matter the rifle you use, 338 lupua magnum ammo is not cheap! 250 to 300 grain standard sales for ive seen 95.00 to 160.oo for a 20 round box and right now haaaard to find! save your brass and find a good reloader! these may be restricted for sale/ ownership in some states,yeah imagine that!love my firearms but i work for a living and got bill's.we all would love to own the top of the line and best of anything but a wise man learns to embrace what i call a working man's compromise! you keep money in your pocket have a real nice rifle and don't have to sleep on the couch or buy the other half jewlery!
By c edward randolph II from indiana
this 338 lapua is the best rifle i have ever owned, in terms of accuracy, reliability, and cost. I have leupold target scope and at 100 yds and beyond, you will not beat this 338!
By savagepro9869 from South Dakota
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