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Ruger SR45 Pistol, 45 ACP, SS Slide, 10 Rnd Mag

Ruger SR45 Pistol, 45 ACP, SS Slide, 10 Rnd Mag

Ruger SR45 Pistol, 45 ACP, SS Slide, 10 Rnd Mag
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Buy a Glock 21SF 3rd gen!!!, December 20, 2014
New was getting 3% malfunctions, light striker hits = click instead of BANG! Fires rd SECOND TIME. After returning it to Prescott, Ariz. get 1% light striker hits. Therefore it is a hanger-queen in gun safe. A range toy NOT A CARRY PISTOL. Very happy with Glock 21SF & Wolf BBl to shoot my Badman cast bullets. 2100 rds before first malfunction....... rd #4 stood up in mag lips. After another 300 rds no repeat. Ck all gunS out by name on youtube. SR's all calibers having light hits. Nice features, but only a paper weight if it wont fire when trigger pulled!
By Disappointed from Spfld, OR
Great affordable 45, July 25, 2014
Just tried out my new SR45 for the first time yesterday at a range. Very nice balance and smooth trigger pull and release Good ergonomics for my hand size. Safety action seems nicely positive. I was able to shoot tighter patterns with the SR45 fiirst time using it than with my 9mm that I have used many times at the range. No problems with operation or feeding. Very reasonable recoil characteristics. Nice handgun
By Craig from Boise
Simply a awesome firearm, March 27, 2013
This was my first handgun I purchased. I've shot close to 500 rounds out of it and no issues what so ever. Love the gun and a couple weeks after purchasing this one I bought a ruger lc380 which is also a new product from ruger. Another good gun and perfect for carrying. Nothing bad to say at all and I love my ruger hand guns.
By Matt Emerson from Reading, pa
Fantastic gun, March 23, 2013
This gun is nothing short of awesome, I've owned it for about 3 months now and put about 400 rounds through it with no malfunctions or misfires. The dual sided safety/slide lock couldn't be easier, and it has the least recoil of any 45 I've ever fired. If you have larger hands like me than it will fit you perfectly, this is definitely a gun worth owning!
By Griff from Colorado Springs, CO
Great all around weapon, March 18, 2013
A true complement to my SR9c. Love the feel, front to rear balance. Shoots solid with tight pattern... my 11 year old loves to fire it as well!
By Lyn from South Carolina
Great gun, January 21, 2013
Big brothers here. Now own sr22, sr9c, sr9, sr40 and sr45. Phenomenal performance from ruger. Highly suggested as an "anything" gun line. Great guns!
By Mattchew from Pennsylvania
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