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Ruger SR22 package with Sparrow Suppressor

Ruger SR22 package with Sparrow Suppressor

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Ruger SR22 Silencerco Sparrow Suppressor Package





This package is everything you need for one of the quietest, most accurate .22's around. The Ruger SR22 comes fully equipped with a Silencerco Sparrow suppressor for maximum noise reduction (up to 41dB). Same reliability and accuracy as the standard SR22, now without the sound. Buy as a complete package and save! The price is purchased seperately is $849.98 but you can get the whole package now for $779.98!




Ruger SR22


The Ruger SR22 Semi Auto Pistol is a do-it-all .22 pistol for shooters who really appreciate style and even small game hunting. It is easy to field-strip, fun to shoot, and will run reliably with a wide variety of ammunition (not just high-velocity)


22 Sparrow Silencer, Threaded 1/2x28


Until Silencerco introduced the 22Sparrow, the only .22 silencers that could be disassembled for cleaning required a cleaning every 50 to 200 rounds. However, often the components of those silencers would be fused together and unable to come apart. Competitor products on the market have baffles in their .22 silencers that must be removed by twisting the outer tube around the baffles and/or sliding the outer tube off of the baffles. When the lead and carbon debris adhere to the inner wall of the outer tube and fill the spaces between the baffles and the outer tube, there is simply too much buildup of fouling and lead to remove the outer tube in that manner.

Silencerco solved this maintenance issue with MPC technology and made it possible for shooters to disassemble the 22Sparrow easily after heavy use without the need of tools. MPC technology revolutionized take-apart silencers by containing the lead and carbon debris to prevent the debris from reaching the outer tube. This innovative design is achieved by applying two tube halves before sliding the outer tube on the rest of the assembly. When disassembling, the outer tube can be easily removed, and the tube halves are free to pull away from the baffles without having to rotate or slide. Just pull off the tubes, clean the components, and reassemble.

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