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Ruger SP101 357 Mag 3" Barrel, Rubber Grip, Fixed Sights, 5 Shot

Ruger SP101 357 Mag 3" Barrel, Rubber Grip, Fixed Sights, 5 Shot

Ruger SP101 357 Mag 3" Barrel, Rubber Grip, Fixed Sights, 5 Shot
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Love it!, February 09, 2011
With less than 75 rounds (mostly .38, a few .357's) through it, the cylinder yoke bent and wouldn't close. Had to be shipped back to Ruger for repair. BUT...everyone I talked to (including random customers at Impact) were SHOCKED that an SP101 failed. It has been repaired and I have no doubt that it'll function flawlessly for me. It feels great in the hand. Heavy, but not so heavy that it's uncomfortable. Shoots more accurately than me. Some make complain about .357 kick, but I didn't find it bad at all. My brother's Taurus .40 S&W kicked more in my opinion. I have yet to carry it concealed, but am going to try it with an Uncle Mike's IWB. I fear it might be a bit big, but I'm a big guy, so i'm hoping it'll work. All in all, FANTASTIC gun and a great value.
By Hoss from Emmett, ID
Ruger SP101 .357 mag is an excelent for CC., December 16, 2010
In my opinion Ruger out did themselves with the SP101. It is a very comfortable small frame pistol great for those of us that like to carry a concealed revolver. Everything works smooth on this pistol. The cylinder rotates flawlessly and the hammer comes back with no snags (unlike several of my other brands). This pistol also shoots very accurately for a 3 inch barrel. This pistol only has 2 drawback. Though I like a gun that has some kick to it, I know a lot of people don't and this thing kicks like a mule. The second drawback is that it is a fairly meaty and heave pistol to be able to handle a .357 mag, which means you are always aware that it is there due to its weight on your person. It also makes you feel almost naked to not have it after you get used to it. For my personally though, now way I would trade it in on any other revolver.
By Goldstud from New Mexico
Good, reliable revolver, December 06, 2010
This is the first revolver I owned. It saw frequent trips to the range, but I never put more than 50 rounds through it at a time. The recoil is strong and snappy, even with the 3" barrel, making it less-than-fun to fire. I recommend you use .38 special ammunition for practicing most of the time, then load up with 357 mag for duty purposes. I've had no problems with it except for one bent spring that Ruger replaced and shipped to me free-of-charge. Great customer service from Ruger. Other than those minor misgivings, this is a great little revolver. I'd recommend it as a backup concealed carry weapon (or primary if you're comfortable with the low capacity).
By John from New Hampshire
Perfect Fit, November 15, 2010
The Ruger SP101 is my first revolver. I chose it based on its size and reviews from other sites/users. I had narrowed the choice to either this or the s&w 686+ in 3 inch, this won. I really like the out button cylinder release.
By Octothorpe from UT
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