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Remington 5077 870 Express Tactical Pump 12 Ga, 18.5", 3", Synth Stock, Black, 6+1 Ext Tube

Remington 5077 870 Express Tactical Pump 12 Ga, 18.5", 3", Synth Stock, Black, 6+1 Ext Tube

Remington 5077 870 Express Tactical Pump 12 Ga, 18.5", 3", Synth Stock, Black, 6+1 Ext Tube
ITEM #: 047700250779
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Reviewed by 13 customer  
Can't ask for anything more., November 12, 2013
Extremely easy to use and maintain this weapon. Tons of aftermarket parts to make this shotgun fit the shooters needs. Then add in the reliability factor that is time tested. Then all the types of ammunition (slug,buck,bird shot,bola round) just to name a few, and this gun just sells itself. Just buy it already. Stop reading and add it to your shopping cart and hand them your money. You'll be glad you did.
By Caveman Simple from Florida
A terrific shotgun, November 10, 2013
If you're in the market for a tactical or home defense shotgun, but you're on a tight budget, then the Remington 870 is a great choice. However, there are some goodies you can add to it that will make it an even better shotgun. XS sights makes a high visibility Tritium front sight that can be installed without the need of a gunsmith. The Knox SpecOps adjustable stock is another great add on that has some great features, and they are not difficult to install. There are websites devoted to these shotguns that can help you modify your 870 to an even higher level.
By fedora1953 from Grand Bay, Alabama
This is the only shotgun you need, September 02, 2013
If you can only have one, that is. (I like my Benelli's, too!) Rugged and reliable, nothing complex to go wrong. Load it up and stick it on your closet. It will always be ready.
By Private from Private
Money Well Spent, July 20, 2013
I bought this shotgun primarily for home protection. There are many options on the market for this type of shotgun, but the Remington 870 Express Tactical had just the features I was looking for - good capacity, smooth action, ruggedness, and simplicity. This shotgun is very ergonomic and comfortable. It is relatively lightweight and you will definitely feel it in your shoulder when you are shooting high-brass loads because the butt pad is minimalistic. The gun is shockingly accurate with every load I've tried in it. One of my favorite features is the matte, no-glare finish. Side by side, it just seems a bit "nicer" than a Mossberg 500.
By Nate from Nasvhille, TN
Re-reviewed..., July 11, 2011
Since getting this shotgun, I have thrown a lot of lead... Something around 4000 rounds, mostly birdshot, but quite a bit of 00 as well, and a large handful of slugs. The only failures it has seen are when someone gingerly pumps it, short strokes it, etc. This thing is beastly, regardless of the finish. By the way, it is smoothing out even more, and holds off rust like non other. Love it!
By MisterCorn from Boise
Always ready when needed, December 31, 2010
This is a simple and reliable shotgun. Much like a military truck it doesn’t ask for much in return and keeps on giving. I know that this is not a top of the line shotgun, but after owning two of them I don’t believe I would ever purchase a different type. This is yet another dependable Remington product.
By Nick from Bend, OR
Rem 870, December 27, 2010
The Remington 870 is a good shotgun. They are reliable and accurate. Good choice for home defense or hunting.
By Shawn from Hansen
Excellent firearm, December 16, 2010
I have own a Remington auto for hunting, and I just purchased the 870 for home defense. I think this gun compares with the Mossberg 500, one of the primary differences I like is the placement of the safety. I put on a pistol grip, and on a Mossberg the safety is difficult to manipulate, but on the 870 it is in a much better place.
By Ryan from TX
Great Home Defense Gun!!!, November 21, 2010
I use this gun for mainly home protection. I upgraded the stock to a full stock with speedloader with built in pistol grip. This thing just looks mean and I have fired over 600 rounds through it and its never given me any trouble. Just the ratcheting action alone is enough to cause anyone to dive out the nearest window. I trained my wife on it so she can just loosely aim in their general direction and fire. Don't trust anything less than an 870 for your home protection needs.
By koiphish from Houston, Texas
Performs flawlessly while on the job 24/7, November 18, 2010
This shotgun deserves 3 hard-earned stars. It's my primary home defense shotgun and performs its job flawlessly, which consists of sitting in the corner of my house collecting dust until I take it to the range. It chambers rounds and fires smoothly every time I take it out - just like it's supposed to. I don't clean it after every use, and it still performs like clockwork. You've gotta love the reliable pump-action shotgun coming from a manufacturer like Remington. No bells and whistles - just your average shotgun that should work every time you need it. The reasons I bought this one were because of the simple design, shorter barrel, and higher capacity. 3 stars means it's a good product overall, but certainly not perfect. There are better shotguns out there, but for home defense, this one does the job just fine, and will likely receive many more years of use from my family.
By John from New Hampshire
Great first gun, November 17, 2010
This shotgun was actually the first firearm that i purchased and to be honest it will probably be the only shotgun that i will ever buy. Reason being is that i have had it for about a year now and shot close to 800 rounds, buckshot, slugs, birdshot and had 1 jam in it. Well wasnt even me it was my buddy that jammed up the gun from not racking the slide all the way. I will say that it is a bit stiff out of the box but just using it and cycling the action will make it smoother and a helluva lot faster. Another reason why i picked this gun aside from reliability was the upgrades that are available. This is one of the more popular ones and there are tons of things that you can change on it if you dont like something on the stock ones. I personally only added a sleeve that goes over the buttstock and holds extra shells and a sling. Will never get rid of this thing nor will i ever have to replace it. Take down is easy and cleaning doesnt take long at all. Remington makes a great product.
By Mrod from Texas
Started rough, smoothed up, nice scattergun!, November 16, 2010
First off, I only took a star off due to the finish being colored different on a few parts after some use and cleaning. While the majority of the gun is black, some parts (mag extension, barrel clamp, action bars) gained a weird orange hue after a month of ownership. I do not have anything to say bad about it, really! It was a bit coarse out of the box, took it apart, cleaned and lubed it well with WeaponShield, fired about 100 rds of buckshot and slugs through it, cleaned it again, and since have put about 500 rds through it. The coarseness is almost completely gone, the action is tough as you could ever want, it is accurate, and my kids think it looks badarse. What more could you want from a utility shotgun?
By MisterCorn from Boise, ID
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