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Remington 700 Police 308

Remington 700 Police 308

Remington 700 Police 308
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700 P, November 10, 2013
Received the new rifle (.308), mounted the scope, and boar sighted it. My first seven shots were a one hole group at 100 yards. I used hand loads but they were just a copy of other loads I have used except for new brass - nothing special. I cleaned the barrel after every shot for break in. This rifle has maintained excellent accuracy from 100 yards through 300 yards. It is not uncommon to have shots touching at 200 yards and 300 yards. Can't wait to fully break it in and work up a good load for it.
By Donnie from Rome, NY
Excellent Quality, Reliable Performace, Accurate, June 02, 2013
Purchased about a year ago and am very pleased with everything about this rifle. Quality of construction is excellent for the price range, maintenance is very easy and the accuracy was a consistent 1/2" MOA right out of the box. I have never had a gun that I did not have to sight in out of the box, but this was the exception. Holds zero like a champ. You cant go wrong with this rifle and a top line Leupold scope. Very happy with this purchase.
By Tig from Delaware
Consistant accuracy, July 23, 2012
Bought this 700P in .308 unfired from another officer. Now have 320 rounds of various match ammo through this rifle as equipped with a Leup. LR VXIII 6.5X20 Lupy, tactical steel 30mm rings, and Harris bipod. Not bagged in but using the bipod and a butt bag, this rifle has fired .20 to .43 inch 100 yard groups with Black Hills, Remington, Federal, Hornady and even Privi Partisan match ammo. It prefers Black Hills and Federal but the rifle is obviously GREAT. Privi Partisan does throw too many fliers. Can get warm and not wander. Would rather have a 1/10 barrel, but can't justify why at this point. Best accuracy came with 65 lbs front and 62 lbs rear on the stock screws. Another officer gritted his teeth when we had comparable groups because his rifle alone is a 3500 dollar custom sporting a US Optics scope. This Remington has spoiled me but is a DELIGHT.
By SAS from California
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