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Kimber 8400 Rifle ''Classic'' Series

Kimber 8400 Rifle ''Classic'' Series

Kimber 8400 Rifle
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It has been a long time since something as exciting as the Winchester Short Magnum cartridges hit the hunting world. Magnum performance from the new, shorter case caught everyone’s attention. Rifle companies raced to modify existing actions for these new cartridges and customers are still standing in line to buy them. Kimber came at it a different way, and the Model 8400 is the result. With no existing action sized to hold a WSM, Kimber designed one from the ground up with minimal dimensions. Like the cartridges they chamber, Model 8400 rifles deliver magnum performance in a smaller, lighter package. The Model 8400 has more in common with a custom rifle than one assembled on a production line. Barrel, chamber and trigger are match grade. Barreled actions are bedded into classic American sporter stocks on pillars and with glassed recoil lugs. Wood stocks are oil finished by hand and each stock includes a Pachmayr® Decelerator 1-inch recoil pad. Several models are offered, including some with synthetic stocks – a first for Kimber. To ensure these stocks were of the highest quality, Kimber enlisted Melvin Forbes of New Ultra Light Arms to establish an in-house production center. All Model 8400 rifles feature the new 3-position Model 70-type wing safety. This year, there is no better way to go hunting than with a Kimber Model 8400. Custom features, fine execution and inherent accuracy distinguish Kimber from other production rifles, and the new Model 8400 carries this tradition to a higher level.
The Classic has a carefully shaped and hand-finished A-grade walnut sporter stock. The action is pillar bedded and the barrel free floated to maintain zero under the toughest field conditions. Metal surfaces are finished in matte blue to avoid reflection.

Caliber-- 270 WSM 300 WSM 325 WSM 25-06 Rem 270 Win 30-06 Spfd 7mm Rem Mag 300 Win Mag 338 Win Mag
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