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Kel-Tec KSG 12 Ga, 18" Barrel Twin Tube Pump Shotgun, Black Finish

Kel-Tec KSG 12 Ga, 18" Barrel Twin Tube Pump Shotgun, Black Finish

Kel-Tec KSG 12 Ga, 18" Barrel Twin Tube Pump Shotgun, Black Finish
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Got mine and you should get yours, September 09, 2014
I purchased mine in June 2014. I did the research and had my eye on it ever since first saw it in 2009. Thank God I waited because the first gen had problems that due to good engineering were solved. Paid about $190.00 over what they are listed for here (that's figuring in state sales tax and trans fee.) You'll want slap on a vertical slide grip to help with the short shucking and also include flip up peep sights. Otherwise, crazy power! Even with bird shot is nuts. Get them as Kel-tec controls the numbers coming out of the factory.
By rico from Texas
prices are going up!, March 23, 2013
I have been on wait list for a year> price written on my special order form june 2012 for ksg was $650> they called me yesterday (mar 22 2013) to pick up...rang up at $1080. after some back and forth I got it for $915. they had to call everyone else on wait list to let them know that they would have to pay $1080 if and when they might get one. didn't mind paying the $915 from prices I have seen. other then that gun shoots and functions great.
By ryan l from michigan
Not Available, February 07, 2013
Im not sure when this was written but i just purchased a KSG online thru a major internet gun dealer so it is available to the public>>> Reply: The KSG's are very hard to get, only very limited numbers. The "Not Available" means we do not have them in stock, ready to ship.
By GMAN from Atlanta,Ga
keltech bulpup, November 09, 2012
just bought one.paid 1,300 for it and was the best buy iv made made in years,lov it,have the turkish 1919 and will keep em about firepower,damn.
By philj 53 from junction tx
ive seen one, since theyve been out, August 26, 2012
it was the only one in Indiana, and it was 1200 dollars...the price will be more than 799, i think...
By dannol from Indiana
Reliable reviews, July 06, 2012
If you don't own one over a period of a year, don't post a rating because you DON'T own it. Stupid talk like that will just drive up the price when YOU are trying to buy one...
By zensuine from The gun state
Hard to find, easy to shoot, June 10, 2012
I live 3 miles from the factory, my friend is on their factory team, I can't get one either, but I've shot his a lot. Solid action , flat shooting, very reliable. A little akward to re-load, but @ 15 rounds, you don't have to do it much! Can't wait to get one!
By MercMachine from Merritt Island FL
KSG bullpup, May 12, 2012
I have waited since I saw the first picture and have asked several dealers to put me on the list for the KSB and how can I get one pronto because the dealers have put their assocites and their friends in front of me even though I asked first. I really want this. Can you all assist me in being the first one, well I can not say that because a dealer here received one and kept it for himself. can you help me? I can send a dealers info that I can trust if you can get one for me. I served in Vietnam in 69 and 70 with 4th in Central Highlands and in Cambodia.In Infantry and in the field my whole tour. Alot of search and destroy and ambushes during my tour.carried 16 then the 60 during my tour.
By Dell Morrison from Rogers, Arkansas
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