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Kahr CW45 Carry, 3.6" Barrel, SS Slide, 6 Rnd Mag

Kahr CW45 Carry, 3.6" Barrel, SS Slide, 6 Rnd Mag

Kahr CW45 Carry, 3.6" Barrel, SS Slide, 6 Rnd Mag
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Not bad, but..., February 23, 2015
First, an overview. I like the .45ACP caliber, and am planning on getting my concealed carry permit in the near future, and want to stick with that caliber. My normal handgun is a 1911, but I figured it's a little bulky to conceal. So, when I got this, I was actually initially wanting a Glock 36. However, that was not in stock, and the dealer was strongly suggesting the Kahr CW45, mentioning that the one they recommend for concealed carry classes uses it himself. I'd done my homework and knew that this pistol did have very favorable reviews. I took it home feeling happy - has a good, solid feel to it. I love the sights. The pistol itself just has a good, solid feel, and does seem as though it would be fairly easy to conceal. My gripes: the grips quickly begin to act as a meat tenderizer in your hands. Easy enough to remedy with some rubber grips, but something to consider. I did have one minor malfunction while shooting - I think the slide may not have gone back all the way after the prior shot, but either way, it was hung up on a round still in the magazine - easy fix, and still within the break-in period. My bigger gripes are this: I personally found disassembly and reassembly for cleaning to be difficult - again, this is someone used to doing this for 1911's. And perhaps a more significant gripe, it shoots low (something I noticed other reviews mentioned)... as in the barrel may be canted slightly downward within the gun. In fairness, this gun was made for close quarters where it doesn't have to be pinpoint accurate. It is something that rubs me the wrong way, though. Overall, good, solid, practical gun for close-quarters use/concealed carry. Not good for something where accuracy is critical.
By Randall from Albuquerque
Disappointed, January 08, 2015
Purchased the CW45 with hopes of carrying it concealed. I was excited when I bought it but the first trip to the range left me feeling kind of bad. The CW only comes with one magazine and I was having failures to fully chamber a round after firing. The gun would fire every single time when there is a round in the chamber which is good but you never knew if it would go again. Sometimes I'd get through 3 full mags of 6 and have no problems. Other times maybe two jams in on mag. Bought another magazine and the same problems. Fires, ejects, may or may not full chamber the next round. Tried many types of ammo brands, FMJ's mostly and some HP's. All the same result. Have over 500 rounds through the CW45 and still it's not reliable. Also, had to replace the slide stop/take down pin spring due to the fact that while you were shooting, it would work its way out. KAHR sent me the spring for free but instructed me to keep shooting it to get it more broken in. Not too happy with that. Why don't they send me the ammo to do it??? Kind of ridiculous I have to spend big money on 45acp to see whether or not the gun will work. Just burning up cash. I really need to just sell it. If it was reliable it would be a very nice gun. It's light and has a decent trigger. Recoil is not bad at all either. Really wish I hadn't gotten a lemon. Going to have to send it in if I want it to work properly I guess. What a pain.
By Dave from OH
Great Gun!, August 18, 2014
I was tired of lugging around my 1911 for concealed but I didn't want to give up the 45 ACP. I saw a used CW45 at a gun show and I liked the way it fit my hand. I bought it. I carry this everyday and I love it. I sacrificed nothing except size and weight compared to my 1911. I've put well over 1200 rounds through it and it's a straight, comfortable shooter. I've replaced the extractor and recoil spring so far but the parts are easily replaced, cheap and available on their website. Kahr's compacts are fantastic. I will buy another one.
By iLikeEggs from Oregon
fails to fire, August 17, 2014
Bought one a few years ago , 20% failure to fire. After one trip back to the factory and still hearing click instead of bang I traded it for another glock . I spent too much time sending a kimber back and forth to enjoy that game . Do not buy this pistol .
By Ken from Bastrop Texas
Unbelievable, June 28, 2014
Totally amazed, I am a huge Glock 36 fan but I hesitantly bought a brand new Kahr CW 45 based on reviews and the feel of it. I have only put around 70 rounds thru it so far but I did so with out any issues. This firearm fits my hand very well and just feels amazing. The accuracy of this .45 is truly unbelievable. At the cost of $339 I will take this over the Glock any day of the week. I think I might even add the 9mm and .40 cal. of the CW model to my collection.
By dwildjr from Indianapolis
Good carry gun, November 24, 2013
Slim easy to carry ,accurate .I have 200 rounds for recommended break in no problems .the only thing I added was some rubber talon grip not a bad 17.99 investment .
By Michael from El Paso ,Tx.
Nice carry gun, November 22, 2013
Good pistol for the money ,nice trigger the only thing I did was put some talon rubber grips on it a good 17.99 investment .
By Mike from El Paso ,Tx .
Compact 45, December 14, 2010
As with every Kahr pistol I have fired, the CW45 has been accurate and reliable. Kahr recommends a 200 round break in period for their pistols and with the CW45, it has been reliable since round one. A little bit snappy for these old hands but not bad. Overall a pretty nice little pistol.
By Jake from US
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