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I.O. Inc. Sporter Economy AK-47, 7.62X39 16" Barrel Polymer Stock, 30 Round Mag

I.O. Inc. Sporter Economy AK-47, 7.62X39 16" Barrel Polymer Stock, 30 Round Mag

I.O. Inc. Sporter Economy AK-47, 7.62X39 16" Barrel Polymer Stock, 30 Round Mag
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Love my IO Sporter, July 05, 2015
My girlfriend bought me my IO Sporter AK and I love it. It is just as reliable or more as any firearm I've ever shot. I've put hundreds of rounds through it and never have I had any malfunctions. It is a very dependable, consistent rifle....which is the most i.portant thing. It goes Bang every time! It is also pretty darn accurate up to about 200 yds...which is about as far as I've shot it. I will buy another at some point...hopefully they will put a rail behind the iron sights somehow. It has been as good as my friend's arsenal AK at about half the price.
By Joboo from MS
io akm247t, March 29, 2015
Bought it liked the looks and feel weapon feels good in your hand, as to carrier problems and the bolt sticking you have to break the damn thing in its a tight fit because its tight machine work. The more you fire it the more it loosens up and allitle oil never hurt. EVERY rifle ive got brand new has a break in cycle. Same as pistols and shotguns. pop in a mag hold it like your mad at it do pushups with it and run it through the ringer. Simple the gun is new its a tight fit parts have to wear down to acheive deseriable performance same as the engine in a car. Also no gun on the face of the earth was ever made perfect. They are man and machine made they will have imperfections. Ive read bad reveiws about i.o also but i gave em a shot. And the gun does what you need it to do. Put a bullet down wind where its needed.
By tracy from n.c
First time buying I.o, March 23, 2015
I just purchased my first I.o ak47, was a bit nervous after reading the reviews, I decided to take a chance on one and man I love it!, first day put 200 rounds threw it and the thing shoots flawless not to mention it have my shoulder a hell of a workout! Congrads I.o very happy with it.
By Jason from Pa
Actual owner of an IO AKM, December 25, 2014
I have owned my IO AKM for 3 years. I have had ZERO ftf, fte, or rivet problems. With the iron sights I get 5-6" groups @ 100 yards. I have put more rounds than I can count through it. I would trust my life with that gun, period.
By ilovemy45 from deep south
Buyer Beware, December 04, 2014
I purchased one. Upon inspection, it was easy to see why people bash these rifles. Poor rivet work, the bolt carrier would get stuck on the hammer when charging, metal flashing was left in the rear sight groove. I never even fired the weapon before sending it back to IO. My advice for any potential buyer would be to stay away.
By Brian V from Texas
Very happy with my IO Sporter AK, October 15, 2014
This is a great AK for under $1000. My friend bought a well used one and it shoots great- so I bought a new one from Impact Guns. I read the poor review and think it's someone with a bone to pick. Impact gives you a full lifetime warranty on this rifle so I know they are confident in it too. My first trip to the range was fun and zero issues. My new favorite rifle.
By Peter from MT
A note from I.O. President Uli Wiegand, October 14, 2014
This is Uli Wiegand, I am the owner of I.O.INC, Inter Ordnance. The person hiding behind Bubba Joe obviously has a personal problem with me. I know this person behind this fake name and he used to work for us a long time ago. Unfortunately he has no courage nor guts to approach me directly and discuss whatever issue there might be. So let us stick with facts and no “tales”. I do not understand why he hides and tries to bash our products, he never personally laid his eyes on nor handled or shot our new products. Having said that we, Inter Ordnance, offered 5 internet bloggers to test our rifles. Please contact us at 321-499-3800 and ask for Kathleen or Ramzi. We will send the rifle to you at 50% OFF MSRP to test and let us know your honest opinion, if you don’t like it simply return it and get your money back, if you like it you can keep it!. Log on to our website and look at the models you are interested in. The move to Florida’s space coast was a blessing. Back in Carolina we could not find good and professional engineers, machinists and assembly personnel. This is why we took the decision to move to Florida`s space coast with its qualified workforce. Many of our employees are former Nasa personnel,Army, Marine Corps and Air Force. The Team at IO is proud to manufacture firearms right here in the US.
By Uli Wiegand from Palm Bay Florida
I.O. inc Sporter Economy, October 13, 2014
We at I.O. Inc. appreciate the positive reviews of our products and thank our customers for their business and loyalty. We strive to provide a quality product at a good price. Leaving a negative review by simply saying "it's junk" without any type of follow up does not help the consumer make an unbiased and educated decision. We stand by our product line 100% and are here to assist you if a problem arises.
By I.O. Inc. from Palm Bay Florida
Stop Supporting I.O. Inc. and Selling Their Crap!, September 19, 2014
IO AKs are junk and you know it.
By Bubba from Somewhere in USA
Stay Away from I.O. Inc.!, September 19, 2014
In my opinion: Buyer Beware! I.O. Inc. or IO Inc. or Interordance of America Inc. or Interordance Inc. or similar variants are all the same company whose president is Ulrich H. Wiegand (aka Uli). Uli has renamed, rebranded and even moved facilities -- all to escape his well-deserved reputation for poor quality, poor customer service, and in general, poor business practices. Uli's AKs are a hodgepodge of imported and domestic parts of questionable quality and pedigree. Common problems include: bolt-hold-open issues; hammer/trigger/bolt assembly misalignment; improper rivetting; failure-to-fire (FTF) due to various faulty bolt issues; loose stocks; various misfeeding/cycling; magazine misalignment due to faulty recever fabrication; improper parkerizing/finishing; worn springs, pistons, gas tubes; improper head-spacing; etc. Besides posting lavish praises of IO products by fake customers to hide real quality and safety problems with his AKs, Uli even promises -- no details in writing though -- a lifetime warranty. There is no guarantee IO Inc. will be in business even a year from now. Uli is originally from Germany and most people associate German products like Mercedes-Benz cars with high quality; unfortunately, Uli's I.O.Inc. is more closely associated with the Ford Pintos. Did I forget to mention: Uli and his Interordnance of America, L.P., and related companies, were indicted on Tuesday, February 3, 2004, by a federal grand jury sitting in Charlotte on 83 counts alleging conspiracy, illegal importation of machineguns, illegal possession and transfer of machineguns, structuring, and money laundering. You should verify all of the above for yourself before purchasing anything -- especially AKs -- from Uli and I.O Inc.>>> This deserves an Impact Guns reply- we checked our sales of this item and since 2012 we have sold quite a few and have had zero warranty claims. So while this reviewer may have had a lemon- many are very happy with the rifle. Sept 22 2014
By FailureIsNotOptional from USA
Outstanding AK., August 30, 2014
Whatever the issues where in the past are all gone in this one, 600 flawless rounds through mine! Great fit and finish. Very impressed.
By Leadtag from Montana
pretty decent, March 21, 2013
The gun arrived from I.O. with a sand like material throughout the interals. Not sure what is up with that. Cleaned it up nicely though. Definately clean it before firing it. Fit and finish are pretty good. Mags are good to. I have not shot the gun yet as I just got it. I have torn it down and cleaned it and put it back together and it cycles nicely. 100% U.S. Made. decent gun at a decent price
By wagoneer from Wisconsin
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