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Hi-Point Compact 9mm 3.5" Barrel Black Poly Grip/Frame 8 Rd Mag

Hi-Point Compact 9mm 3.5" Barrel Black Poly Grip/Frame 8 Rd Mag

Hi-Point Compact 9mm 3.5" Barrel Black Poly Grip/Frame 8 Rd Mag
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The best gun for the best price., January 31, 2016
Amazing priced right. Took it to the range 3 days later. Mild kick lots of bullet power. No misfires for first fifty rounds out of the box. Super aim!
By stillsteve3555 from Florida
Impossible to beat for $160, September 05, 2015
It has occasional feed problems if not oiled, nothing that is a problem. The worst I had to do was drop the clip and pull back the slide.
By buck from los angeles
Great gun for price!, May 28, 2015
...I am 100% satisfied by its performance. I will say it is a bit top heavy and doesn't feel as sleek in your hands as a glock, s&w ect. But it is an awesome weapon for the price. Let's face it unless you are trying to show off to your friends the only concern should be does it go bang when you pull the trigger. This one does every time, plus it's American made. Only reason I couldn't go 5 stars is due to the top weight and cheap safety design. I will add my s&w sigma .40 doesn't even have a safety. So it's more of a reason to like this gun. Overall for $129 I am happy with my purchase!
By Eric from Delaware
Great for the price, February 06, 2015
This rating is based on the price I paid. If it were up against a Sig or a Glock it would be a three. I bought the C9 as my camping, keep in the truck gun. It is pretty awesome in that role. It functions very well for the price. The more you shoot it the better it gets. After 100 rounds or so it really wakes up. Yes, it's heavy, I don't much like the slick grips but, it's reliable. The trigger pull is bad, just not good. But, it puts bullets downrange and pretty accurate for what it's supposed to do. Sadly, this has become the gun that I have with me pretty much every day. My more expensive guns never leave the house. The C9 has become my work horse. The reason is that if it gets gone, lost or stolen, it won't break me.
By RM from North Carolina
Good gun, September 13, 2014
After many reviews, went out and bought one as I was curious. I have a Hi-Point 9mm carbine and love it, 100 yards accurate out of the box. So far the C9 has held up with with no issues. Many of the "experts" I know say it's crap, but I honestly believe they've never seen one, held one, or shot one. I have numerous guns and this one is really no different than the others except being cheaper and having a better warranty. It shoots when I pull the trigger, that's enough for me.
By Jailer X from Illinois
accurate, reliable, heavy, August 02, 2014
I have fired over 1,000 rounds thru this gun and it is rock solid reliable. I have found it is best to only put 7 rounds in it though. With 8 rounds, it was infrequent, but it did jam a couple of times. With 7 rounds, has never jammed. I've been on ranges where everyone else is pulling out their uber expensive pistols and you can see the disdain on their face when they see what I am shooting. Their only problem is after firing and we pull in the targets, my cheapo hi point is dead accurate and the shot groups are always excellent, nary a stray. I look at their targets and they have rounds all over the place. Not saying the hi point is a better gun, but the gun doesn't make the shooter, if you can shoot, this thing will go where you point it every time - and that's using either white box cheap ammo or more expensive hollow points or whatever you wish to use. The only drawback is I wouldn't use it as a concealed weapon pistol as it is heavy. You wouldn't be forgetting you have it with you. I carry a Taurus 738TP as my conceal carry but I do try and keep the hi point in my car, boat or whever I am going and feel a 9mm may be better to have around. In my opinion, for the cost, no other gun can compete with it unless you want it for concealed carry. It may not feel as tight and smooth, but it just keeps on shooting and shooting well. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of one
By donintn from tennessee
great, July 22, 2014
wow....great gun, shoots straight at a reasonable distance. never jams, why spend big bucks for a gun this size? I know why, because you didnt try this one first. sorry. your lose.
By butch from 62017
Hi Points and Gun snobs, March 25, 2014
Look, first lets admit that you can get a lemon anytime you purchase something. I'm a retired Police Officer and also served as an MP. Have used guns most of my life. I own a Browning, a Colt and a Beretta. I also have a C-9 High Point and a 45 acp High Point. I have shot several hundred rounds through my High Points with very few jams or stove pipes. (actually less than in my Beretta and Colt. Pretty? No! Heavy? Yes! However, they literally always shoot and are quite accurate also. I've heard some say, "Won't risk my life with one." I would with either of mine. When someone looks down the barrel of my C-9 or 45 High Point I doubt if they will say, "It's a high point. Don't worry, it won't shoot." C-9 is a good gun for what it is intended for. Can't beat the price or Lifetime Guarantee either. Don't be afraid to purchase one. You will always have gun snobs. Just ignore them. Most have probably never owned a High Point.
By macrol444 from Indiana
Great gun for the $$$$$, May 03, 2013
When I was in the market for a replacement for my lost 9mm, a friend suggested I check out the Hi Point guns at Impact Guns. I am so glad I did, I couldnt believe that an American made gun could be so reasonable in price so I was a little skeptical at first. I read every review I could find here and at other gun forums. Gun snobs knocked it because it was so inexpensive and their words not mine butt ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me this sweet shooting gun is a great value. I have shot 50 through it with a combination of fmj and jhp and never had any porblems with it. Fed everything perfectly. It was a little of shooting low to the left but that will be rectified next time when I go and sight it in. All in all this is an excellent gun which has less recoil than the 38 Super I used to have and the 2 380's that I took along to compare with. Now just need to find a sufficent supply of 9mm ammo and all will be good. My next purchase will be a Hi Point in either 40 or 45 ca. Hi Point thanks for a fantastic sidearm at a reasonable price, I would have expected to pay more for a gun this good and one that has a lifetime warranty also. The only reason I gave it a 4 right now is I didnt have enuff ammo to really work it out.
By L Cramer from Newnan, Ga.
A good gun for anybody, April 19, 2013
I own the hi point 9mm and the hi point 45. Ive never had a problem with either one of them. I was trained in the marines on the 45 so I'm used to a heavy gun. It's not that heavy either, I can shot the nine all day at the range with no problem. I only use the least expensive ammo I can find, usually winchester and have no problems.
By Paul from Florida and NY
GREAT- GUNS, March 26, 2013
I have both 9mmc and 9mm carbine. i have put 4000 to 5000 rounds in each with no problems.looking add a 45sm
By maddog from iowa
Love It, February 15, 2013
Good handgun, shot with a buddy shooting a Taurus and both jammed twice in the first 50 rounds out of 500. Same box of ammo so maybe that was it. Shot both brass and alloy cases with no further issues. Weight is good to me, good grouping and no problems. Wife likes it to.
By Shooter from Ohio
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