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Century AK47 GP WASR HI-CAP Romanian Military Stock 7.62x39 30 Rnd Mag

Century AK47 GP WASR HI-CAP Romanian Military Stock 7.62x39 30 Rnd Mag

Century AK47 GP WASR HI-CAP Romanian Military Stock 7.62x39 30 Rnd Mag
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It is not what you are thinking., March 10, 2015
Let my start by saying that this is not one of those reviews that you see where someone just had a bad experience and let's the company have it. In fact, ordering from Impact guns was wonderful - quick to ship, easy ordering, clear emails. The problem is the gun itself was not as described. It is far from new. It looks like the gun was not originally designed to hold a 30 rd mag. The gun was modified by grinding out the opening. The opening has rough edges, not blued. It looks any homeowner could have done it.
By Steven from Union City
mine was junk about 5 years ago, February 05, 2015
kept it clean but trigger broke after a couple hundred rounds. bang bang click, soft primer strike. continued like that until I dumped it at a pawn shop. from what I hear quality control has gotten better at CIA. im not going to give it 5 stars just because it looks cool and I own it like most people. if the quality is better I might be interested in another. My last 5 purchases at impact have been great.
By vaporD from nampa
Fine for me...., April 06, 2014
Ran 100 rounds of cheap steel case ammo, flawless operation. was fun to shoot and would recommend. Adding optics another ball game, will tackle that later. 3 guys shot a mag each and each had a blast.
By Hman from Daphne, AL
Great AK!, January 27, 2014
After shooting both AR-15 and AK platforms before, I decided it was time for me to invest in an AK. I always just preferred the look, feel, and the cartridge, but that's just me. I picked up one of these from the local gun store and I have been in love since. Hundreds and hundreds of rounds have been fired from this thing, and the only issue I've had was while using a cheap plastic magazine which wound up breaking later on. Finish isn't great, but It's an AK so I wasn't really expecting it to be beautiful necessarily. I have since changed out the wood and tac'd it out with ATI accessories, something incredibly simple to do, as the AK can be broken down without tools and the WASR is no exception. Great firing gun, looks mean, handles a variety of ammo, and there's a plethora of aftermarket parts for the customizer/tinkerer. Can't go wrong here as long as you inspect before you buy.
By B-17 from IN
pretty accurate, December 30, 2013
I had one, for what is was, it was fairly accurate. 5 inch groups at 100 yards with wolf ammo. However, I moved to NJ and the local PD politely asked me to sell it. (Plea bargain)
By annon from NJ
1200 yards, October 18, 2013
Really 3/4 mile, really! Call Guinness
By Logan from Mississippi
fake reviews?, October 01, 2013
fake reviews?>>>>>> We hope not.
By Mark from va
Romanian WASR 1063, February 24, 2013
Didn't buy mine from Impact Guns but I do own a WASR 10/63. I bought it from Dunhams 2 years ago on sale... I had a canted front sight so all I did was removed the front sight post and put it back in straight. easy fix. With some coarse steel wool on the wood stock its not rough anymore. I haven't had a single issue with any type of ammo I fed it. It just works. Accuracy its better then people say. 2-3 inch groups at 100-150 yards with iron sights. I'm sure with a scope on it, it will be even better. The 7.62x39 caliber round will go through a 16 inch block of wood with ease. All in all I love the rifle and am really happy I bought it.
By Ed M from Grand Rapids Mi
romanian ak47 wasp gp, January 10, 2013
my romanian has no crooked front sight after market mags fit feed problems after over 1000 rounds.the romanina that i have was maded in on the stock with some sandpaper and apply some good stain.have an ar15 and other more expensive guns by vary but none more fun to shoot.
By randy from cornelia georgia
Great Gun to own, December 25, 2012
Fantastic gun. I could not be happier with my purchase. As soon as it came it not five minutes out the door I went to my fathers farm and put over 100 rounds through it like it was nothing. It was accurate up to and probably beyond 200 yards open sighted. I would reccomend this to anybody looking for something to kick around and not clean. A lot of fun all around.
By Phil from Central Virginia
more accurate than you think, November 15, 2012
Didn't buy mine from Impact Guns but I do own a WASR 10-63 and had read various reviews,none of them giving the rifle a whole lot of credit for any accuracy. With cheap russian ammo, a rest and shooting for speed and not accuracy, can keep 15 shots inside a baseball at 100 yards. That being said, handloads will place 5 shots inside 2 inches at 150 yards. Both with rifle scoped using side rail scope mount, (much, much better than scout scope mount). I don't know if i just got a good one or what but you really are not going to see anything better from any other semiauto rifle costing around the same price. These guns are true work horses that are fairly accurate beyond what most think. Try it yourself, buy several types of ammo and use a rest. You might be suprised, I know I was.
By MR from MN
ak to the rescue, November 14, 2012
Just purchased my first AK it was either an AR15 or an choiceAK every one told me the AK was by far a better choice. Can't wait to shoot this incredible weapon.
By Aloha 5-0 from NC.
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