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Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Power Pack

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Power Pack

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Power Pack
ITEM #: 855249002014
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Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Power Pack

Product Details

Lighten your load - compact & expandable power

It''s one thing to have power. And it's another to have it in a compact design that is easy to pack, light to carry and expandable to fit changing power needs.

The Sherpa 50 takes the bulk out of rechargeable power and offers a lightweight yet durable way to bring power along with you.

Charge it from the wall, solar panels or car adapter and add other Sherpa power packs and inverters through a simple stacking and unique cord chaining method to expand your powering abilities and options.

LCD status monitor keeps track of power storage in 20% increments. Integrated charge controller protects internal battery and connected devices from burnout and electrical spikes.

  • Charge any device; USB, 12V and AC (with inverter) outputs
  • Powers laptop for an additional 1-3 hours
  • 20+ hours of power for cellphone or Goal Zero LED lights
  • Long-lasting 50 watt-hour power pack
  • Rechargeable lithium battery; 5-8 year life (2,000 - 3,000 cycles)
  • Chain up to three (3) additional Sherpa power packs
Power/Charge Times

Wall (AC): 2 hours
Nomad 13.5 (Solar): 4 hours
Nomad 27 (Solar): 2 hours
Boulder 15 (Solar): 3 hours
Boulder 30 (Solar): 2 hours
Escape 30 (Solar): 2 hours

Technical Specifications

Input Sources

AC Wall Charger 45 watts (15.3V:3A)
DC 12V* 120 watts (12V:10A)
DC Solar Panels* Depends on solar panels  

Output Port

USB 2.5 watts (5V:0.5A)
DC 12V barrel 120 watt (12V:10A)
AC Inverter* 100 watts (110V:0.9A)
Fuse Protection 20A (protects 12V barrel)
*Products not included with the Sherpa 50 battery alone

Internal Battery

Battery Type Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFe)
Battery Capacity 50 watt hours (12V:4.2A)
Battery Voltage 12 Vdc (nominal)
Temp. Controller Shuts down input port if temp. is >122°F
Life Cycles 2,000-3,000 (5+ years)
Shelf Life 6 months± (stored <70°)


Product Weight (no pkg) 2.2 lbs / 0.99 kgs  
Product dimensions 8.5 x 6 x 1.5 (inch) 21.5 x 15 x 4 (cm)
Warranty Twelve months  

Operating Temperatures

Optimal Operating 32°-104°F 0°-40°C
Optimal Storage 32°-86°F 0°-30°C


Tested and certified CE and FCC  
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