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Glock 26 Gen 4 Pistol, Standard Fixed Sights, 3 10 Round Mags

Glock 26 Gen 4 Pistol, Standard Fixed Sights, 3 10 Round Mags

Glock 26 Gen 4 Pistol, Standard Fixed Sights, 3 10 Round Mags
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Of Course It's Great. It's a Glock!, December 30, 2013
As a woman, I cannot fathom a better gun to carry as a CCW for personal protection. This gun is small enough to conceal in my purse, sizable enough to let an attacker know you mean business, powerful enough to stop an attacker in his tracks, and both accurate and easy enough to shoot to leave me feeling completely confident in my ability to defend myself. Even with my long fingers this gun is easy to hold securely and displays far less kickback than I ever would have expected given its compact size. When I originally started carrying my belief was that the smaller the gun the better. My original CCW was a Kel Tec P3AT, a great gun in its own category, but a gun with obvious limitations. Let’s face it, the P3AT was meant for close defense. It’s accurate up to about ten to twelve feet, but beyond that…not so much. And given its tiny size, it’s got a lot of kick. The Glock 26, however, was perfectly accurate well past twenty-five feet, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it would remain accurate at even greater distances. I fired off over 400 rounds my first day without a single hiccup or complaint and consistently shot 2-3 inch spreads at 20-25 feet with absolutely no fatigue or discomfort. Quite frankly, it’s a pleasure to shoot, and one of the best gifts my husband could have given me. This gun makes me feel safe.
By Christine from Southern AZ
Great purchase, August 21, 2012
By far one of the best handguns I've fired and concealed. No problems what so ever including when firing 124gr +p+ ammo!
By Uncle Jeffy from Connecticut
Very Impressed, February 07, 2012
When I first saw the picture of this gun, I thought to myself, "wow, what a short handle, how am I ever going to get a grip on that?". And I am not a big guy, and don't have huge hands. I shot the Glock 19 about a week before purchasing this one (because my wife was in on this decision), and my first impression wasn't exactly "perfect". Felt like my hand was bunched up on the grip and I had several failure to feeds. It wasn't long, however, that my opinion of this little beast of a gun changed. First, I was holding it wrong, second, the FTF's were only due to a 100 round or so break-in-period. When you figure out how to hold it just right and get past the VERY SHORT break in period (which might have also been the way I was holding it), this thing feels like nothing more than an extension of your own hand! As of now, I absolutely LOVE shooting this gun. It is also PERFECTLY sized for a CCW. I had it in my front jeans pocket earlier today and when standing, there was zero indication that I was carrying a gun. (Unless of course you insist on wearing those tight rodeo type Wranglers, but hey, to each his or her own, that's a personal preference). Overall, I can say that I am very pleased with this gun and I felt compelled to let potential buyers know. "Always take hold of things by the smooth handle" Thomas Jefferson
By DeepSouthPatriot from Houston, Texas
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