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Glock 19, Gen 4, 9mm, w/15 Round Mags

Glock 19, Gen 4, 9mm, w/15 Round Mags

Glock 19, Gen 4, 9mm, w/15 Round Mags
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Holy Cow I Love It, December 08, 2014
I just got one today and am already in love. I immediately used my free month on the range because I had to try it. The saying "More Bang For Your Buck" fits this remarkable weapon. I am super glad I bought one, and it beats the hell out of the Hi Point 9mm I bought for a starter pistol. Now I feel I have some class and a weapon that will perform. Way to go Glock!!!!
By Robert J from Iowa
Awesome!, March 16, 2014
Awesome gun! I'm going to compare it to the Walther PK380 that my wife bought, for comparison purposes. Out of the box, the 19 comes with three magazines (15 rounds), the Walther comes with one. Out of the box, the Glock comes with a better manual than the Walther. Out of the box, the Glock comes with cleaning supplies, the Walther doesn't. As for ammunition, the Glock 19 will devour any 9mm ammunition, but the Walther is picky. The Glock sights take getting used to (3 dot is easier) but the handgun is accurate and recoil is medium-light. Finding ammunition for it is far easier than for the Walther (.380 ACP is scarce). Cleaning the Glock is easier than the Walther by far, as is dis-assembly (the Walther needs a special tool, the Glock needs no tools). Re-assembly is also easier with the Glock (the spring on the Walther is a royal pain). What BMW is to cars, Glock is to guns. You get everything you need with the Glock, and its reliability is second to none (I've already fired around 250 rounds with it without a single problem). I would definitely recommend this gun.
By TwinReverb from Florida Panhandle
Awesome!, February 20, 2014
Bought this as my first gun after renting it twice at the gun range. I was extremely impressed by it already, having used it. It feels good for my hand, and I can operate the slide release and magazine release with my right hand. It shoots very accurately right out of the box, and the recoil is easily manageable. It's constructed well, and easy to clean. I don't like the sight picture very much (I prefer three dot) but I am learning to tolerate it. This thing is probably the best gun for a new gun owner, like me. I love it, and would gladly buy more Glocks.
By Robert from Florida
favorite pistol, September 07, 2012
I carry this gun daily. After i added the new ejector to fix the Gen 4 jam problem, it works 100% with all ammo. lighter than my 40 cal carry pieces and carries more ammo. Stoked with Federal 115gr +p+ (9BPLE) i have no doubts as to its effectiveness. Fits my medium sized hands perfectly. Can make hits on human sized targets out to 100 yards with this gun. As with all Glocks, it points naturally and instinctively. This gun does not disappoint in ANY category. Always have and always will carry Glocks.
By clay from North Dakota
got one a month ago, love it, March 02, 2012
i went to get a 21 gen 4, and there it was with 3 other 19 gen 4's, as of now you cant find these, they hit a shelf and its gone, its WAY better than gen 3, the reloading is significantly faster...and crisper, this is just it, i have smaller fingers, i thought a 17 was my favorite, but the 19 fits snug, i think that a 19 will be my duty pistol...and a 26 gen 4 will be my back up...
By dannol from scottsburg
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