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Glock PI1950203 G19 9mm 4.01" 15+1 FS Polymer Grip/Frame Black

Glock PI1950203 G19 9mm 4.01" 15+1 FS Polymer Grip/Frame Black

Glock PI1950203 G19 9mm 4.01" 15+1 FS Polymer Grip/Frame Black
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Reviewed by 22 customer  
perfection, September 28, 2014
I was a S&W M&P 9c and full size .40 guy for the last few years. I was doing weapons qual for police academy and I had a "dead" trigger from my 40...So enough with that, I ended up buying a glock 19 gen 3, and WOW. Took it to the range and scored a perfect 250. Better sights, better trigger, feels better. 5 stars
By cjc from philly
Glock grips, December 29, 2013
I've read people complain about Glock grips not being comfortable. There is a purpose to the grips the way they are. When holding a Glock the bulge in the lower back of the grips forces you wrist forward. In doing so it pushes the webbing between your thumb and trigger finger upwards. When all this happens, you end up griping the gun much higher up that you would other guns. When you draw a Glock your hand automatically grips the gun as high as possible. This is why the grip is made the way it is. Also, if you notice all Olympic bulls eye shooters have pistols that force their wrists to break forward. This helps in true aim. It may not feel that comfortable, but the Glock grips make you shoot better!
By Tack Session from Kalifornia
G19, April 03, 2013
Just recieved mine! love the 9x19 round. Love the stock Glock sights. Dont know what it is just love them. My only gripe is the grip (male medium size hands). Ergonomically speaking it is shaped like a 2"x4" stud. My CZ 75 feels like it was contoured to fit amazingly in any hand. I get horny for my CZ grip after holding the Glock. The grip does not detract from the comfort of the firearm, I just feel like designers at Glock were like "well...its good enough" instead of making it "Glock Perfection" like their slogan states!
By poor mang from st louis mo
Ok, February 27, 2013
I had one and I traded it for a Springfield xdm9. I was having problems with it shooting to the left about 12 inches. Maybe it was the sites but I owned a Springfield xd45 and never had any issues so that was why I traded. I know glock has a great reputation for reliability and accuracy but I wasn't impressed.
By Kenny from St. Louis
Small Hands, December 30, 2012
Even for a woman, I have very small hands. I love my Glock 19. It fits in my little hands perfectly. Ladies, if you are looking for something small but deadly for home security, this the perfect gun for you!
By Ellie from Colorado
Awesome Gun, December 27, 2012
I have shot many handguns. My issued weapon is a Sig Sauer 229. When I shot my Glock 19 I could not believe how accurate it was. The trigger pull is smooth, which makes the accuracy much better. I can't imagine a better shooting gun. I HIGHLY recommend this gun for anybody that wants an off-duty gun and home defense gun. Forget the rest, Glock is by far the BEST
By k9jack from Oxnard
Perfection...., November 15, 2012
If you are looking for a reliable no nonsense, easy to use and maintain 9MM, the Glock 19 is the one for you. It has never jammed or misfired with over 1,000 rounds of all brands of ammo through it. It is my favorite handgun.
By VDEG from Atlantic Highlands, NJ
My opinion - Best Defensive Handgun on the planet!, July 20, 2011
I've had my 2nd generation Glock 19 for about 13 years. It's never jammed, even when extremely dirty. (Just wanted to see how long before it started to malfunction - it never did in 800+ rounds) If it gets any better, I don't know it. Love the gun - thanks Glock for an accurate, reliable, long lasting weapon that you can bet your life on. P.S. - it's fun to shoot too!
By Bob Ellis from Canton, MS.
Proven to work, December 18, 2010
These Glocks have been know for years to be a great gun. Very accurate, no jams and just keeps on working. If you are looking for a nice 9mm then is a great way to go.
By Jason from WA
Trouble Free, December 18, 2010
I had the opportunity to use this weapon for many years as a police officer. Through the thousands of rounds I put through this gun, it never jambed or faultered in any way. The Glock 19 is easily stripped down and a joy to clean and reassemble as compared to other handguns I've owned. I would highly recommend the Glock 19 for either a duty weapon or for worry free home protection.
By Russell from Illinois
Good overall..., December 12, 2010
I don't think that Glock's reputation needs to be explained. They make quality workhorses, period. I've shot this a number of times as my friend has one. I've shot it w/ and w/out a silencer. Very good gun. My only reason for not give 5 stars is it doesn't point right. I prefer to have the sights right there when I bring it up to my sight line.
By Nate from Idaho
The gun that wears many hats, December 01, 2010
Though I've never owned one, I've used second and third generation Glock 19's frequently over the years. They've been the pistol of choice at a few weekend shooting classes I took, and almost every time I go shooting with the guys, somebody brings one. So far, I've had good success with it, and don't have any complaints. At the range, the G19 performs its duty - digesting round after round without a hiccup. The single-most appreciated aspect of any Glock is their reliability. When this gun is loaded, you pull the trigger and it always goes BOOM - no matter what. Over thousands of rounds, and several different models, I've never seen a G19 fail to feed, jam, or otherwise malfunction. This is a gun you can count on firing every time you squeeze the trigger - even when it's not perfectly clean and oiled. The G19 might not win any awards for accuracy when strapped down to a shooting stand, but I've never had trouble putting rounds on target. The G19 provides more than enough practical accuracy for the non-competitive shooter. This brings me to one of the disadvantages: some people find the Glock grip to be awkward to hold onto, especially when firing rapidly. I've had no trouble controlling the gun personally, but this is a valid concern. The G19 just won't be ideal for some shooters because of hand shape/size. This is a good reminder that there really is no one-size-fits-all handgun, and each shooter needs to decide for themselves if they can effectively handle the firearm. With their simple design, the Glock 19 makes a great home defense handgun. The lack of an external safety, and the 15+1 round capacity makes me think of it as a high capacity revolver. No external controls to fumble around with when its dark and you're under pressure - just point and shoot. Only measuring 5" in height, the G19 is also fairly easy to conceal, and can serve as a primary or backup CCW. The bottom line is that the Glock 19 is a gun you can bet your life on. If you're looking for a reliable gun that will wear many hats and serve a variety of purposes, at half the price of some of its competitors, you need to buy a Glock 19.
By John from New Hampshire
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