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EAA Tangfolio Witness 45 ACP Steel, Full Size, 10 Rd Mag

EAA Tangfolio Witness 45 ACP Steel, Full Size, 10 Rd Mag

EAA Tangfolio Witness 45 ACP Steel, Full Size, 10 Rd Mag
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Pretty but not a carry option, May 11, 2016
Awarded this weapon for Detective of the Year, 1996, still have but wont carry it. Failure to feed and safety sloppy. A great gun for the range and accuracy but tactically short.
By Rick from el paso, texas
Solid handgun, December 07, 2013
I have shot many handguns. Bought the EAA Witness 45 because I found it used at half price. This gun is excellent. Fired about 500 rounds so far. It will shoot anything with no problems at all. Very accurate with fast firm action. I just don't think these guns have been that common as of yet.
By TexasT from Houston
Very nice shooting pistol, September 25, 2013
I bought my EAA Witness .45 a little over a year ago. To date I have 730 rounds of Winchester White Box ammo through it. I have not had any malfunctions what so ever. Out of the box the trigger is smooth and very crisp. It breaks at 5# which is very nice for a factory trigger. The reset is very close and audible. The design of the pistol is excellent, the barrel sit low in the frame which helps a lot with recoil control in my opinion. It is also a unique design. The finish is durable and I actually like it. It is called a wonder finish Im not sure why but that is the given name. I guess cause it keeps you wondering.The cons to this pistol are the factory grip is two plates rubber over plastic and are kind of thick. I replaced them with a Hogue wrap around grip that is made for CZ pistols. ( You have to make some minor modifications to the inside panels of the grip) There is not a large amount of after market accessories available for them from the major manufactures. It only comes with one 10 Round mag in the box. Over all I would recommend anyone looking for a steel pistol to check out a witness. I rate it a four due to the low after market interest.
By Norb from Erie, PA
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