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DPMS AR15, October 28, 2013
Reading through the reviews about the sportical. I bought 2...I agree with the others on listening to people who think they know. Are there better quality AR's out there? Yes, but at 2 to 4 times the price. Does this make them better? I don't think so. Yes the sportical cuts out some extras (forward assist,dust cover)but for the average shooter, you do not need them. As far as being able to hit a 2" group at 800 yrds, who cares? Again, the average shooter is more than likely going to be shooting at 100 yrds or less. Bottom line, the sportical is good quality and I think a good buy for the money. Remember that the tv shows and movies that get people hyped up to buy all the latest and greatest ar accessories, well each one adds weight to your weapon, and the cost adds up. A simple holographic or red dot works wonders on these things. I would invest in some good iron sights to add to it. Just keep it cleaned and take care of it and it will give you many years of fun. Also, if you can afford a couple, I would suggest buying them. I still think that sometime in the maybe not so distant future, these may become difficult if not impossible to obtain. Along with 30rd mags. Just my 2 cents worth.
By Firedog86 from North Carolina
Can't be beat!, March 27, 2013
You won't beat the DPMS Sportical and don't let people tell you it's an "entry level" AR15. The Sportical is as solid an AR15 as they come. What the "entry level" spouters are really saying is, "Ooops! I paid way too much for mine!" I outfitted my Sportical with inexpensive red dot optics and a sling. That's really all you need for an excellent, well made and accurate piece that almost everyone can afford. Well done DPMS!
By Claude from Mobile, Alabama
Great Firearm, November 17, 2011
This is an excellent buy for those looking for a cheaper, but well functioning, AR15. I took it to the range for a test run, and every functioned smoothly and flawlessly. It doesn't have a shell deflector, or forward assist, but when you fire, the spent casings go flying far out of the way anyways, and I did not have any rounds that didn't chamber correctly. I'm not sure why you REALLY need a forward assist unless your planning on getting your weapon filthy dirty in the mud or what not. I am more than happy with this weapon. It beats getting ripped off buying some $3500 AR that shoots basically the way. The weapon is bare bones. But this gives you the opportunity to customize your weapon at will. Also DPMS offers other caliber "uppers" to purchase that easily attach to the lower, and can be shipped to your home. But anyways,overall, this is a great buy in my opinion.
By kenbay from Greenville, SC
Super Utility, December 31, 2010
Gun is solid! For being lightweight there was much skepticism as to how it would handle 556. But even my little sister handles it with ease. Turned out to be one of my favorites for hunting and target. DPMS makes a superior product!
By B-WELL from Mariposa, California
Much better than entry level, November 18, 2010
I purchased this DPMS Sport Tactical because I could afford it, and could not afford what I thought I wanted or needed. It met my base requirements of standard AR platform in 5.56/.223 with forged receivers and flat top configuration. I was surprised that the accuracy was as good as what I thought I needed. I have mounted a MA Tech BUIS rear and a holograph red dot sight on the upper rail and the weapon easily exceeds my ability to shoot tight groops out to 125 yards. (The longest range I have access to.) I'm getting 6" groups, while in a heavy rest the weapon will shoot 2" with 62 gr BT spitzers loaded in Federal brass. The only recomended, out of the box change is to remove the trigger group, dis-assemble, then clean and de-burr the edges of the moving pieces, lubricate with CLP, re-assemble, then re-install. Really smoothed the trigger pull. To sum up, this is a very competient platform to build up the weapon of your dreams, and a very sweet shooter until, or if, you do so.
By Max from West Tennessee
DPMS Sportical, October 20, 2010
Not the highest end AR but it sure gets the job done. I've shot about 300 rounds through mine without a single problem and I use the cheaper ammo. I would highly recommend for an entry level/everyday shooter. I wish I had 2 or 3.
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