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Diamondback DB9, 9MM, Black, W/Mag

Diamondback DB9, 9MM, Black, W/Mag

Diamondback DB9, 9MM, Black, W/Mag
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Impressive DB9 - Diamondback, December 21, 2014
Purchased my gun new over 2 months ago and absolutely love it! I've shot over 700 rounds of FMJ and hollow points through it without one jam or FTF. It's almost the same size of a Kel-Tec .380 and fits nicely in the front pocket. The gun is very accurate for its' class. The kick is manageable for an experienced shooter. I would NOT recommend this for a first handgun, as it requires a snappy move to chamber a round and it is sensitive to a limp wrist or loose grip from as experienced by newer females that shot it (no sexist stuff intended here). I find that I always leave home with it - unlike my 1911 that I was only carrying 60% of the time due to bulk.
By Bikecarry from Indianapolis
The S&W J-frame of Semi-automatics, March 20, 2013
I too found the trigger to "pinch" my finger tip at first. After breaking it and my finger in, it no longer happens. This is the smallest, lightest and most easily concealed 9mm I have found. I have found with Remington 115gr JHP ammunition it works flawlessly and shoots well. The harsh recoil of an very light, short pistol firing a full powered 9x19 is unavoidable. The only criticism I have is the lack of a slide lock. I like to train with a laser cartridge. The only way to safely put it in the DB9 is to field strip the pistol, insert it and put the pistol back together. Besides that, I love the little gun. It's the S&W J-frame of semi-automatics.
By Happyknapper from Jacksonville, FL
Functioned almost perfectly, March 08, 2012
I've put 50 rounds through my new DB9 and it worked really well, even though I'm still in the break-in period. Out of 50 shots (of the cheapest Federal ammo I could find at 115 grain), I had only one stovepipe. My Beretta 92 did the same at first. So, I have no concerns about it and I trust the gun, especially with better ammo. It's a bit snappy because it is so lightweight. That's a tradeoff with any small CC-sized 9mm. The only real downside is that my trigger finger developed a blister where it was touching the very tip of the trigger. It felt like my finger was rubbing against the trigger guard as the muzzle flipped up (or possibly getting pinched) as I released the trigger. This, however, is likely unique to my finger shape and size and how I hold the gun. The gun is otherwise comfortable in the hand. It is surprisingly small and thin. I held a Ruger LCP (.380) up next to it and it was almost the same size. The DB9 handle is a tad longer which made it easier to hold. I like it. I'm glad I bought it. If they ever make a 9mm single-stack Glock, I'll probably buy one. Until then, I'm keeping my DB9.
By Al from New York
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