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Diamondback DB-15, 5.56, 30 Rnd, FDE, 16" 1:9 Twist Barrel

Diamondback DB-15, 5.56, 30 Rnd, FDE, 16" 1:9 Twist Barrel

Diamondback DB-15, 5.56, 30 Rnd, FDE, 16" 1:9 Twist Barrel

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ITEM #: 815875011712
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Reviewed by 4 customer  
semper fi, March 14, 2014
Great rifle. No issues. Have ran it threw many tests.
By warhog from the rock
A Most Satisfactory Firearm, August 14, 2013
I was in the market for a new AR. But this time, I wanted something NOT black. Frankly, every time I open my gun safe and peer inside and see all the black rifles and shotguns staring back at me, I cringe at the thought of adding yet another ebony bang-stick to my collection. So when I saw the Diamondback FDE on the Impact Guns website, it just plain caught my fancy. To be sure, I was hesitant to shell out money for something called "Diamondback," since the company had very little in the way of a track record. But every company has to start somewhere. And let's face it, the Diamondback AR offered that appealing FDE finish. And while it didn't have all the bells and whistles I normally opt for, it had all that I really needed. And it was there, on the website, in stock, and ready for shipment. And not only were both its lower and upper receivers finished in FDE, the same was true of the gun's aluminum free-float handguard with its integral rails. So I bought it. And I haven't regretted the purchase even once. Cleaned it, slapped on Magpul flip ups and took it to the range. Pushed 200 rounds through it the first day without a hitch, except that I ran out of ammo way too soon. Enjoyed shooting it so much, I went back the next day with 400 rounds. It ate everything I fed it without a hiccup. My eyes aren't the greatest anymore and my groups reflected it using iron sights. So for my next range trip I mounted a red dot and my groups improved. But red dots aren't the best for precise shooting, anyway. I got the distinct impression the optic wasn't doing the rifle justice, so I replaced the red dot with a Nikon P-223 3-9x40mm BDC. Since then I've put over 500 more rounds through it (various brands and styles of ammo). I still haven't shot the coveted 1 MOA group at 100 yards, but I'm getting close, which is better than I shoot with any of my other ARs. So far, not a single FTF or FTE. It even digests steel-cased ammo like Wolf, Tula and Herter's without complaint. Oh, and for what it's worth, after one or two range trips, I tossed the stock that came with the gun (it wobbled annoyingly) and replaced it with a Magpul CRT. Money well spent. Maybe I just got a superb sample. It happens. Maybe the gun will break tomorrow. Could be. But until then I'm running it pretty much as it came from the factory and I'm eminently pleased with it. Haven't shot a black gun in weeks.
By SawtoothSam from Idaho
Good by for the money, January 06, 2013
So far im very pleased with my Diamondback Db-15 only thing wish was gun dealer would of had the FDE but i have installed the magpul FDE stock, hand grip & trigger gaurd. Purchased the gun to hunt coyotes with. Its getting the Job done. Put burris rail on it with Simmons whitetail 6.5x20x50 on it with a light and laser on quad rail. 100 yards a 5 shot group with 55 gr hornaday can be covered with a quarter. Gun's well work the money compared to some of the other AR i have shot.
By J-Rod from Hidden Valley Ky
Best on a budget., December 15, 2012
Only put about 100 rounds through it, but so far am very impressed. Used PMC 5.56 x-tac. This is my first ar style rifle I've owned. I was definitely attracted to the fact it was under 1000 dollars and was an aluminum upper and lower. I also really like how it is not completely filled with rails. But there is still enough for you to do a fore grip, laser, flashlight, and scope, assuming none of them are combos. I was told that Diamondback is from some guys from Kel-Tec, which I was at first skeptical, but got over it pretty quick.
By Anonymous from Boise, idaho
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