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Cobra Freedom FS 380ACP Model, 3.5" Black

Cobra Freedom FS 380ACP Model, 3.5" Black

Cobra Freedom FS 380ACP Model, 3.5" Black
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Reviewed by 11 customer  
eh.., April 24, 2016
I will say, after I bought this fit $140, I wasn't expecting perfection. And like others, brand new, out of the box, it jammed on the first clip. And it jammed on every clip after that, usually in the middle rounds. I read the website that recommends Federal or AE ammo. I assumed it had a feed issue after reading reviews, but to humor Cobra, I bought a box of Federal. Went through a box of 50 rounds... not a single jam. So although Hornady and Winchester both make fine ammo, for some reason, this gun can't properly feed them. It's a bit awkward and heavy, and apparently only likes Freedom ammo, but for the money, not a bad plinker. Wouldn't trust my life with it in a CC situation, but to play around with, for $140, not bad.
By Luke from Missouri
Spend the Extra and Get a Gun You Can Rely On, July 27, 2015
As they say, it only got a 1 because there was nothing lower. We've been going back and forth with this company for several months. They've "repaired" it repeatedly keeping it for 4+ weeks each time. We just got back their latest effort and it will neither feed nor extract. Cobra is a lousy company to deal with.
By Wayne from SC
FS 380 How I fixed a piece of junk, June 20, 2015
You get what you pay for! With that said I made my purchase because I all I had was $ 150.00 dollars and realy wanted a gun. After getting it home I took it out shooting I purchased a few hundred rounds away I went. I have a 7 round clip and every 3 to 4 rounds jammed. S I called the manufacture and they said they test fire every gun with a certain ammo that works all the time. Ok I purchase the ammo they said works ever time and again every 3 or 4 rounds jams in one clip again. After doing research about the gun and reading many articles and looking at every inch of tthe gun I figuered out that it it the way the bullet runs up the feed ramp that is the issue. I took a very fine grit sand paper and sanded the feed ramp very carefully for over two hours, along with polishing it. I took the gun back out and fire a few hundred rounds and it worked great. Out of hundreds rounds I had one jam.
By Sparky from Florida
Heavy but cool, May 06, 2015
I just got this gun yesterday and let me first say if you come into this thinking it's going to be a remarkable unrivaled gun then you are already going to hate it. I bought this gun as a gun to keep in my truck and not really care about it. And after opening it up and watching just about every video on YouTube about it I can say that I really do like it. I took some of the videos advice and polished a few things just to make it function better right out of the box basically. It is heavy and a bit awkward but it is a deadly weapon and could be used in self defense or just plinking around. Overall I am happy with my purchase and I can't reall see how you could go wrong with it being as cheap as it is.
By Nick from Pennsylvania
Worthless unless you are displaying it on a shelf, March 08, 2015
Jammed, took it to Cobra firearms in SLC (local, best part of the gun.) Work OK then it was dropped and came all apart, spring and everything. Sold it for what I paid. (Maybe they are using for display only). POS. Do not rely on this gun unless you are using it fro a paperweight then buyer beware. Sorry but I call it how I see it.
By Dave from Ogden
Ok for the price..., June 10, 2013
I haven't shot a pistol in thirty years, a friend gave me this. He greased it up and worked the mechanics took it to the range today for the first shots. I admit I am no expert at firearms much less pistols but I really didn't see a lot wrong with it. I tend to agree the sights may need a bit of work (they need some paint on the front sight) and out of fifty rounds it failed to eject the last cartridge in the clip about four times. Had zero feeding issues, just eject issues. Even if it's a seven round magazine only put 6 in it, for me those several fail to eject casings were on the sixth round, when I put five in it there were no problems. It is somewhat heavy for the size, I'm a chick with small hands it fits well in my hand, I expected a bit more recoil/kick whatever you'd like to call it and unlike some weapons I've seen fired I didn't detect any of the twisting that sometimes goes on. I used to shoot my father's 22 ruger when i was ten years old, this didn't feel any different in my hand than that lovely old ruger did. I'd love a S&W or a Ruger or any number of other more expensive toys but for a first inexpensive weapon this does me fine till I can get something better.
By Sue M from Tampa Bay, FL
Paperweight at best, dangerous, June 07, 2013
---Review by 12 year veteran Military Shooter and Marksman--- My father bought one of these, but didn't have time to test it, so the job fell on me. The take down is over complicated at best and the action and materials are suppar. Jammed or would not feed the next round. Jammed so bad the the spent casing was lodged in the barrel and a cleaning rod was needed to remove it. Shots when finally able to fire were wild and all over at only seven meters. Weapon was cleaned and lube before use. I would not recommend purchasing this weapon even at the price point. If anything the company should switch to making paper weights. I REPEAT...DO NOT BUY EVER.
By Mr.Hooligan from Spring Hill, FL
Mr., April 03, 2013
This is a great little gun I own the FS 380Acp.
By Crazy Dave. from Ala.
Junk, March 06, 2013
My dad gave me one of these and I have since traded it off. Most say you cant really complain because its so cheap but let me tell you. Its not worth the low quality steel that it was constructed from. Thats all I'm going to say. Absolutely worthless.
By Chuck from Fla
Not exactly as described. Decent gun, January 25, 2013
The description says this comes with a plastic lockable case. Mine didn't! It came in a cardboard box and there's nothing "lockable" about it. Regarding the gun, it's heavier than I expected. Reminds me of the heavy Hi-Point 9mm I own. Since it was only $129.99, I can't really complain too much
By DMont from Dallas, TX
Well worth the money!:), November 13, 2012
I just bought this pistol today and it works like a charm alot of people say it jans alot but i put a bout 50 rounds through it already and havent had a problem yet
By Cody from South dakota
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