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Rock River Arms

In 1996, brothers Mark and Chuck Larson founded Rock River Arms in an 1,800 square foot shop in Cleveland, Illinois. Rock River Arms soon developed a reputation as one of the finest builders of hand fitted custom 1911 pistols, and their NM frames and slides set new industry standards for tight tolerances, fit and finish. The brothers soon turned their manufacturing expertise and attention to detail into producing custom .223 caliber "AR" style rifles.

Today, operating out of a state-of-the-art 23,000 square foot facility in Colona, Illinois, the company is producing a full line of custom rifles, parts and accessories, all built with the same focus on providing the finest fit, finish and function at a reasonable price. The quality and reliability of Rock River Arms firearms continues to win new admirers.

Rock River Arms is one of the fastest growing firearms manufacturers in the country and remains committed to continuing to provide it's civilian, law enforcement and military customers with the kind of custom products and services on which it's reputation has been built.

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Item # RRA-AR1201
Available $1,066.89
Item # RRA-AR4002
Free Shipping
Low Stock $740.79
Item # RRA-X308A1751B
Free Shipping
Low Stock $1,694.09
Item # RRA-308A1276
Low Stock $1,556.79
Item # RRA-AR1535
Very Low Stock $1,179.99
Item # RRA-MAG-20
Available $16.80
Item # RRA-AR0122ASY
Very Low Stock $47.99
Item # RRA-AR0010ASHS
Very Low Stock $41.99
Very Low Stock $162.49
Item # RRA-AR0122VASY
Very Low Stock $46.59
Item # RRA-LP2110
Very Low Stock $1,089.89
Item # RRA-308A0116T10
Very Low Stock $37.99
Item # RRA-AR0125FASSY
Very Low Stock $131.19
Item # RRA-AR1201TCH
Available $1,073.79
Item # RRA-AR1505EOP
Available $1,096.59
Item # RRA-308A1532
Very Low Stock $1,489.99
Item # RRA-SOC1260A4
Very Low Stock $1,153.41
Item # RRA-AR1231A4
Very Low Stock $1,111.09
Item # RRA-LH1515
Very Low Stock $1,357.29
Item # RRA-LH1500
Very Low Stock $1,332.07
Item # RRA-LH1520
Very Low Stock $1,376.19
Item # RRA-LH1288A4
Very Low Stock $1,142.68
Item # RRA-SPC0116C
Very Low Stock $54.05
Item # IG-90958
Very Low Stock $126.91
Item # IG-82263
Low Stock $18.33
Item # IG-82260
Very Low Stock $20.37
Item # IG-82262
Available $28.20
Item # IG-82268
Low Stock $54.84
Item # IG-82267
Available $39.17
Item # RRA-AR0093K
Low Stock $35.99
Item # RRA-AR0033
Available $0.66
Item # RRA-AR0072A
Available $5.00
Item # RRA-AK1544
Very Low Stock $1,614.89
Item # RRA-AK1275
Very Low Stock $1,379.29
Item # IG-88973
Very Low Stock $1,028.41
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