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Ultimate Survival Technologies

UST is a manufacturer of proprietary survival, rescue, life support, and disaster preparedness equipment and survival tools. Besides sales to a vast number of government agencies, UST also sells its line of survival tools to a variety of outdoor and sporting goods retailers in the hiking, camping, and hunting markets. The company's line of personal safety and survival tools includes patented all-weather fire starting systems, targetable and unbreakable signal mirrors, a premium outdoor saw, a low profile whistle, and kits in which the tools are combined.


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Now teamed up with Revere Survival Products, UST continues this tradition of quality — bringing you the most innovative and useful products that you can depend on.

Revere Survival Products has been an exclusively family-owned company beginning in 1936, now celebrating 75 years in the survival products business. The company has routinely been honored a vast number of awards and honors for their life-saving supplies and equipment. Revere’s distributor base can be found in over 20 US states -- as well as countries in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Asia.


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