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BERSA THUNDER .380 Concealed Carry, Matte Nickle Finish

BERSA THUNDER .380 Concealed Carry, Matte Nickle Finish

BERSA THUNDER .380 Concealed Carry, Matte Nickle Finish
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Bersa Thunder .380 and CC model, September 29, 2014
Was having trouble with my large 9MM guns due to neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome, so I bought two smaller pistols, one a 9MM which didn't work at all due to jams, FTF and FTE. I think I was limp writing, anticipating the hefty recoil. #2, even in .380 was also two small to grip well and recoiled snappily with considerable muzzle flip. Decided to try the Bersa and what a difference. I've run about 350 rounds of several types of ammo, with "0" malfunctions, and less perceived recoil. The pistol has every feature I like - slide lock, safety with decocker, small but adequate sights, blowback, hammer fired, loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect. I liked the first one so well, I also bought a thunder CC model and works with zero malfunction so far as well on a variety of ammo. The safety/decocker was stiff on both guns, but after working back an forth for a couple of weeks now and then and shooting at the range, both smoothed out and loosened up after also cleaning an oiling the mechanism. These guns are a little bit heavier than several smaller guns, but they are light enough to carry, accurate, reliable, and fit the hand well. I'm very happy with the guns.
By Terry from Florida
Bersa CC .380, January 16, 2013
I recently picked one of these up and it is now my daily CC pistol. It's got some nice features including a chambered round indicator, a decocker mechanism, it's DA/SA w/ double strike capable and it's about as safe as you can get to carry with a round chambered. It's worked flawlesly for me. East to shot and keep on target when firing rapidly. I'll probably pick up a 2nd one for my wife to take the place of her Colt Mustang II. Oh, by the way. it's a great value for money but that's really a bonus, not the driving factor in getting a 2nd one.
By Skip from Northern Virginia
Bersa 380cc all black, November 16, 2010
This gun has amazing ergonomics, fits perfectly in my hand and the other 6 or 7 people I have let shoot it. Everyone loves this gun, very comfortable to shoot! I love the fact that its just shy of being 1" thick, very slim, easy to hide in your waistband or ankle. Its also DA/SA with a safety/decocker. Its low profile sights make it great for a fast draw without any hang-ups. With a little practice the sights can be used effectively at longer distances, just takes some getting used to. It also has a build in safety lock that uses a little key that can be kept on a key chain for those with curious kids around. Cant beat this for a smaller carry gun!!!!!
By James H from Ingleside, Illinois
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