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Armscor Model 206 38 Revolver, 2", Blue Finish

Armscor Model 206 38 Revolver, 2", Blue Finish

Armscor Model 206 38 Revolver, 2", Blue Finish
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practical yet off setting, January 17, 2015
I really like the gun but it seems hard to find parts for like speed loader that fits well and bigger or better grips
By 3%AR from tucson az
review, June 19, 2012
its a nice gun for the price and can be a good carry gun in the suburbs wouldent recamend it for carry in the citys. its small compact and packs a punch it says it in its name (special) what else can i say
By gunrunnerak4774 from philadelphia
Amazing, October 29, 2011
This gun is worth the price small semi compact and a big punch if your thinking of a carry weapon this is a good choice its a bit on the heavy side however you can work with it walking around with this bad boy just gives you a sense of safety also to shoot it is a breeze with a good amount of time and effort you can be precise with this thing i've found that FMJ are best to shoot without any leading at all go figure but gotta stay with wadcutters for the best result the finish isn't the best but who cares you bought it for protection not looks.
By Aaron from Florida
Decent Gun, Better Price., September 28, 2011
This is a line clone of the Colt Detective Snub-nose, while it 'Works' there isn't a whole lot to get wrong, the metal has some odd color patterns that some might not like, if that is the case i recommend a shot of Duracoat and be done with it. after 750 rounds it is still in great shape, the lock up is nice and tight and the ramp sight is aligned correctly, i would recommend some Pacymer grips (Not Hough, they don't fit) and some color addition to the front ramp to increase visibility but other than that it is hard to really mess up with this little .38
By Tjin Tur from North Carolina
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